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  1. First off....hugs! You at least have the experience of already living for quite some time with things, so it isn't quite the unknown for you. I think some experience/knowledge would have been incredibly helpful for us, maybe eased some of the initial panic. But I also know dealing with young kids with a disease is a whole different ball game. My little guy is 6 too, just diagnosed 6 months ago. We're still learning. So far our experience with schools has been positive. Generally. My son's teacher's MIL is Celiac so she understands and is incredibly helpful (even if she does forget to tell me about upcoming birthdays!) I've only had one issue and that was him eating his lunch at snack time one day and then the lunch ladies giving him fruit and veggies (thankfully though, the student teacher at the time was going to the lunch room with them and made sure they didn't give him a peanut butter sandwich like they usually do!) I've seen talk of setting up 504 Plans....but as of yet, I haven't done one. Not sure how beneficial they are for this type of thing. But I'm a bit....jaded....when it comes to them. But that's a whole different topic! Anyway, good luck and the young ones are surprisingly resilient when it comes to this stuff.
  2. Hello! Welcome to the boards. I'm not so great at reading the results so I'll let some of the resident "pros" do that. My 6 year old was just diagnosed in July of last year. He had a stomach ache every single day for 6+ months. I put the plus in there because I know we brushed it off as a child trying to get out of doing things for a while before I really realized that it was every day. Some days it was just a passing "my stomach hurts" closer to the diagnosis he was dropping to his knees in tears. He also complained of joint pain. Which was chalked up to "growing pains" as well. Ah hindsight. It took 6 months of convincing the doctors that he wasn't depressed, anxious or scared to be starting school. Not my youngest child...oh no. This kid is my social butterfly! If they had said that about either of my older two kids I would have been inclined to agree with them, both of them were terribly shy and terrified to start school. Little guy on the other hand....he practically skipped through the doors on the first day. Needless to say there were some battles and some serious WTF moments with the doctors. Now....here we are 6 months later. Gluten free. Struggling at times because it isn't easy. BUT....he's grown! My little peanut has grown several inches and he put on 4lbs in less than a month! He rarely complains of a stomach ache and hasn't complained about joint pain in quite a while. Good luck to you and your daughter. I know the road is long and it's terrible to see our children struggle and be in pain....I hope you get some answers soon.
  3. Oh I'm feeling your pain on this one. I wanted to smack my stepmother over the head on Christmas Day. We go out to her mother's house for lunch. There's a lot of running around for us on Christmas day and this is our 2nd stop after my dad & stepmom's house. Breakfast is also kind of rushed because of this. That said.....I packed a lunch for my 6 year old. Just to make sure he had food he could eat and that I knew he WOULD eat. I had no real idea of what kind of food was going to be there and wanted him to have a full tummy. He rode out there with my dad and his older siblings and got there before his father and I. My daughter did get him some food. A piece of ham and some cheese as that's all there was that he could eat. He's is just starting to eat meat so on any given day it's up in the air as to whether he'll eat it or not. I got there and he decided he'd rather eat what I packed (which was good as the ham was a cheap ham and I wasn't entirely sure if it was gluten-free or not) for him. He opened it and started eating. No fuss, no complaining. He was just enjoying his food and having his big sister sitting by him (she just recently moved out). My stepmother walked up to my SIX year old son and in the haughtiest voice asked him if he was allergic to the food there!!!! WHAT?!?! I thought my daughter's eyes were going to pop out of her head! That was after him getting a stocking at their house full of gluten filled stuff from "santa" which, thankfully, he never noticed the cookies! And after my dad tried to give him cookies because he forgot. It's aggravating. If it were my older kids, while it would suck, they can work out that people forget and they can look out for themselves. But my 6 year old?! He amazes me sometimes though. He didn't even give her a response. Just kept eating his food and smiled at her. Family can be so blind and ignorant sometimes. It just floors me. They still look at me crazy when I tell him he can't have particular things...like the Nestle Crunch bars that they tried to give him after offering him the cookies and then him being sad. Wouldn't be so bad if they would act like they are understanding and not like I'm making it all up just to be difficult. *sigh* Just needed to get that all off my chest.
  4. My little guy needs to take Singulair on occasion. We've found that the Singulair works best when he's exposed to cats....well...actually a combination of Singulair at night and Loratadine during the day with a dose of Benadryl if needed. He is ridiculously allergic to cats and it can take him a week to get over an exposure. I ask about the chewable tablets because for whatever insane reason they stopped making the powder that we would mix in applesauce. :/ And the adult pills that can just be swallowed are more than 2X's the dose he takes at the smallest amount they offer. *sigh* The pharmacist at my CVS is beyond useless. I asked if they knew if it was gluten free, the tech went to ask the pharmacist and she said, and I quote "probably not as they put GLUCOSE in a ton of medications for kids to help them taste better." The tech came back and said that to me and I had to actually look at him and tell him that was all fine and good if my son had diabetes but he has Celiac and can't have GLUTEN. He apologized but it wasn't his fault. I heard what he said, the pharmacist was the one to mess it up, not him. So, yeah. His doctor researched the powdered form while I was sitting in the office with her and nothing in her research showed they discontinued it. I'm rather aggravated. He doesn't need it all the time....just occasionally in the winter and when he's been around cats/farm animals. I will be calling the company anyway...just was curious if anyone knew off the top of their heads.
  5. Awww man! I was hoping their candy would be ok! I love the UnReal candy (when I'm at a store that carries them!) I love their peanut butter cups. So far we seem to be ok with the processed in facilities that also process wheat...so I may get them anyway. Hmmmm.....
  6. I agree...though I'm fairly certain it's a dander thing with my little guy as all he has to do is walk into the house...not even be in the same room as the animal. I've come close to saying I'm allergic to dog slobber given the St. Bernard my BIL has (man that dog's slobber!) but they already have their son's birthday parties at other locations so my little guy can attend. We've tried going to their house for summer things so we stay outside most of the time...but just going in to use the bathroom has an instant effect on him. Thanks for all the feel better wishes. It's nice to be able to share with people that have an idea of what it's like!
  7. Awww...that just makes me sad. The things we do for those we love. I've talked to my husband about getting rid of our dog. He's a cocker spaniel and fits right in with his own ridiculous allergies! But I'm fairly certain that, while it may not be a severe reaction, both my husband and my little guy react to him. We love the dog and he's been part of the family since before the little guy so it would be hard...but I still think they'd both benefit from him not being here. At this point though, he's an old dog with pretty bad glaucoma that it's really only a matter of time for him anyway.
  8. I thought I had read something about a connection of some sort. I tried telling my sister in law about it as her youngest son has had all sorts of breathing issues and been on steroids multiple times in his short 3 years. My brother in law is a bit, um...pigheaded about some things.
  9. Thank you for all the replies! His pediatrician said that his "asthma" was allergy induced. He only ever has coughing fits and only when his allergies are kicking his butt. The inhaler has NEVER done anything to help. Ever. We went through a couple of inhalers during a particularly nasty allergy season before we figured it out. He had two inhalers...a regular use one and an emergency one. He only rarely has these reactions during the day but will sit up all night coughing. I don't get it. I had a friend growing up that had nasty asthma. I swear every time she tried to spend the night at my dad's house she would have a nasty attack. You know, 2 in the morning breathing into a paper bag type of horrible asthma. Little man has never had anything like that. His cat allergies take him close to a week to get over. It's weird. My oldest daughter is allergic to cats as well. Also breaks out in hives with the itchy eyes and nose and some coughing...but aside from one reaction that was pretty strong....nothing like her little brother. But once she takes a dose, maybe two of benadryl and a shower she's generally over it. Never really more than a day or so. I think I'm going to have to get some appointments with the allergist again. I remember when we first found out he was allergic to cats. We were at a party for his sister's soccer team. He was probably 2 maybe 3. We walked in, sat there for a few minutes and then all of a sudden he's rubbing his eyes, which were starting to swell. About a minute later the coughing started and the hives appeared. We didn't have anything with us because we had no idea. Someone finally found a benadryl at the bottom of their purse. All sorts of questions about why we didn't carry anything if he was so allergic. We had no idea! Poor kid. All he wanted to do was hang out with all the girls! They hadn't even had the cat all that long. But it was an indoor/outdoor cat....which generally makes his sister's reactions stronger as well. I'm going to go ahead and assume it is most definitely a combination of my MIL's house/neighbor dog and the cat dander traveling on my inlaws. He was home most of the day today. The coughing calmed WAY down. Then he went to grandma's to play with his cousins and nothing but coughing. :/ So frustrating. Makes me incredibly happy that my dad no longer owns a cat. I'll just say it was so much fun trying explain why his granddaughter didn't like going to his house. :/
  10. Ok...my little guy did end up getting glutened on Thanksgiving. He ate a piece of fruit off his cousin's plate that was resting on a dinner roll. Add in the little other things that could also be a cross contamination issue and we have the resulting constipation and tummy issues. Now here's a different issue though and I'm not sure if there is a connection or not. He's allergic to cats and dogs. He's SEVERELY allergic to cats (we've had issues with the instant breakout of hives and shortness of breath) but only kind of allergic to dogs. We have a dog...he's had no problems with him. He's allergic to cats enough that he can't go to his cousin's house. We've tried that. Just going inside to go to the bathroom affects him while the rest of the time is spent outside. Oddly, his body seems to randomly pick and choose which cats he'll react to. Our neighbor's cat doesn't seem to bother him at all. It's odd. Anyway. Both of my inlaws have cats and one has a St. Bernard. Now, we have spent a great deal of time over at my mother in law's house with said inlaws and since then he has done nothing but cough. He's got allergy meds and an inhaler that we haven't had to use in ages. I'm wondering if he's reacting both to the gluten he ingested and to the cat dander that I'm certain has traveled with my inlaws and their children. His system just seems to be in overdrive since Thanksgiving. And of course...they stopped making his Singulair packets. Go figure. The poor kid is going to be fighting this cough for probably a week. Maybe more if the gluten thing is exasperating it. Is it far fetched to think this is partly affected by the gluten? It's worse than it usually is. *sigh* I just don't know what else to do. The inhalers never worked. Nothing really seems to ease the cough except the singulair. It's frustrating. I did give him some warm honey and lemon (a concoction I made a couple weeks ago for cold season) but he will only drink that if he's desperate. He was desperate tonight as he was coughing so hard he puked. Either it's working or the 2nd dose of benadryl was finally kicking in but he's finally sleeping. Thanks...just needed to vent and ask others as my inlaws have been looking at me like I'm nuts about this.
  11. Ahhh...yeah, I don't know about the egg free part. Sorry. Thankfully at this point we're only gluten free. Hopefully they'll work for you or at least, with you! Good luck!
  12. Sorry about that Mommida! From what I understand, you can special order birthday cakes there (they ask that you do so they can ensure it's gluten free)....the cake I spoke of...my mother in law just went and asked and they just happened to have one. I *think* all they really have to do is replace that cookie crunch in the center with one of their gluten free candy selections or you can have fudge or something like that to replace the cookie crunch part. You should be able to just call or stop in and order a cake. I'm fairly certain it's across the board (I'm in Wisconsin) and we're usually a little behind on things like this, especially in my area. I was pretty happy to find out they have gluten free ice cream cakes.....my 6 year old was over the moon....which is what caused the panic when we looked at the label! Who wants to stop an ecstatic child half way through a treat like that?! Of course....after all that...I think he glutened himself today by grabbing a piece of fruit off his cousin's plate that was touching a dinner roll that wasn't gluten free.
  13. I did talk to a manager at Dairy Queen. She was quite concerned that we ended up with a non-gluten free cake when we were trying to get a gluten free cake. Between the two of us though, we did figure out that the cake that we had gotten was indeed gluten free. Apparently they have a general label that they put on ALL of their cakes (gluten free or not) telling what ingredients could be in there. We even discovered that we were looking at two different labels. There's a label on the cover of the cake that is part of the DQ label that said the cake contained milk, soy and wheat and then there is a more indepth label that shows the "full" ingredient label that is either on the side of the cake or the bottom of the cake. She was looking at that one and I was looking at the top one. From the sounds of things she was nearly as distraught about the whole thing as I was. We were both very relieved to figure out that my cake was gluten free. She said she is going to talk to whoever she needs to talk to about changing the way they label the cakes, at least the gluten free ones, because of how confusing it was. She did send us a $10 gift card to treat the family to any of their gluten free products and is very happy that we can continue keeping our little guys health on track. She was so worried he was sick. It's nice to have someone concerned and not treating me like I'm overreacting. Hopefully she does work on getting those labels changed....it would be a tremendous help. I've never read a more confusing label. I don't understand how they can even continue using those labels!
  14. Phew! I messaged my local DQ this morning. Apparently they use all the same generic labels but I guess they are supposed to say "if it contains the cookie crunch layer" which this cake did not. The girl that got back to me was really very concerned that we had gotten a cake that was labeled wrong but after really looking at the cake again and her explanation of their labeling, I am no longer worried that it was labeled wrong. There was no cookie crumble layer in the cake that we got. I will still keep an eye on him but I think he'll be ok. He was complaining his stomach hurt last night but I think it's more to do with the strep and medication (yes I checked that too!) and just with the fact that he doesn't eat that kind of stuff often and it's rich and full of junk. We shall see how he is feeling when he gets home from school today.
  15. Thanks everyone! I don't think I've ever been so happy going to see the doctor about strep! Then today happened. *sigh* It's his brother's 16th birthday. Grandma got a Dairy Queen ice cream cake....it even said gluten free, had the sticker on it all that fun stuff. But people are human. I let the little guy eat a whole piece of that cake. Then my husband came walking into the living room with the lid to said cake. He's says..."Ummm...look at the ingredients" Crap. DIRECTLY next to the sticker it says the cake contains soy, milk and WHEAT! I'm so angry. I do believe I am going to be calling and complaining tomorrow. Unbelievable. Also...kicking myself in the rear for not looking more closely at it. I've been reading and rereading everything and educating my in laws (who have been really good with this!) and then something like this gets me. He was so excited to get to eat some of that cake. Nothing like a double whammy now...strep and glutening.