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  1. Cigars Have Gluten!

    I have contacted many and received these three responses by email. Alec Bradley: Subject: RE: Gregory has sent a Message Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 21:25:53 +0000 Hi Gregory, We do not use any wheat at all. Go ahead and enjoy some fine Alec Bradley cigars! All my best, Michael I reconfirmed the fact that there was no gluten in the paste and he said you are correct. Cigar world: Type: Technical Best time to contact back: Hello, Im writing this email in regards to the ingredients of the glue that you use to roll their cigars. Due to my Celiac I cannot have wheat and I know industry standard is using vegetable gum (wheat bases) to roll cigars. I was curious to know if you use vegetable gum or maybe something gluten free such as fruit pectin? Luckily a few other places such as Alec Bradley are gluten free and I'm hoping maybe yours will be too! Thank you for your time, Gregory Reply.... Gregory, There is no glue used to roll our cigars and technically are gluten free in that respect. All of our cigars are hand-rolled and aged naturally. Thank you, Webmaster My Father cigars: Good morning thank you for writing to us! I am not sure what the ingredients are in the substance we use on our cigars but I believe it's called bermocoll. Regards, Massiel Customer Service and Sales Department My Father Cigars, Inc. 1890 NW 96 Ave, Doral, FL 33172 Ph: (305) 468 9501 Fx: (305) 468-9535 Toll Free: 1 877 285 1160 customerservice@myfathercigars.com www.myfathercigars.com I have received numerous ones that say they are not gluten free.. So I feel confident that these ones are good to go. Greg
  2. I have very similar issues.. constant burring abd pain and my stomach would feel like it was swelling up at certain points and if i touched it.. it would feel like I was stabbing my stomach with a 1000 degree rod. I too was very strict with my diet and just had a repeat colonoscopy/endoscopy and it was pretty much normal. The Celiac Disease was non-evident ensuing it had healed from 6 months of the diet, but I still have this abd pain. I will be seeing the GI tomorrow to discuss further. I wish you luck. If you wanna look at my first edg report I posted it here earlier today and compare it to yours…http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/106494-why-do-i-have-sharp-stabbinggnawing-abdominal-pain/
  3. Hello everybody, This is my first post since I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease early July of 2013. My symptoms started about 2.5 years ago with carpal tunnel like symptoms in both hands in which all tests and treatments for the 'carpal tunnel' were negative and/or unsuccessful. My abdominal pain started May 28th 2013 around 10pm, the pain was severe burning in my abdomen that kept me up until 7am. The following morning I ran out and started taking omeprazole x2 per day along with 150mg ratitidine (zantac) once per day. For two weeks it seemed to help but my appetite was way down. Within two days of stopping the omeprazole (prilosec) the abdominal pain started again. I followed up with a GI who performed an Endoscopy expecting to find evidence of GERD and the report was as follows: *** ADDENDUM REPORT *** This report contains an addendum to the original report for the purpose of providing additional information. The original diagnosis remains unchanged. H. pylori immunostain is negative. DIAGNOSIS: A. Proximal esophagus, biopsy: Squamous mucosa with no diagnostic abnormalities identified. B. Distal esophagus, biopsy: Squamous mucosa with no diagnostic abnormalities identified. C. Antrum, biopsy: Chronic active gastritis, (see note). D. First portion duodenum, biopsy: Chronic duodenitis with moderate villous blunting, lamina propria lymphoplasmacytosis and surface lymphocytosis, (see note). E. Second and third part duodenum, biopsy: Mild chronic duodenitis with partial villous blunting, lamina propria lymphoplasmacytosis and patchy surface lymphocytosis, (see note). NOTE: The duodenal findings, especially the first portion, are consistent with celiac sprue in the appropriate clinical setting. Results of an immunostain for H. pylori will be reported upon completion in an addendum. Clinical diagnosis & history: Dyspepsia; epigastric pain; reflux symptoms; postprandial abdominal pain; findings: grade B esophagitis in the lower third of the esophagus and middle third of the esophagus (biopsy); the Z-line was regular; erythema in the antrum (biopsy); normal mucosa in the stomach body, fundus and cardia; slight scalloping of folds in the first part of the duodenum (biopsy); normal mucosa in the second part of the duodenum and third part of the duodenum (biopsy); esophagitis unspecified, 530.10; reflux esophagitis, 530.11 After being strictly gluten free and I mean seriously a freak about it (pots, pans, wont eat out, toaster, microwave) you name it I don't share it or eat it. I still have stabbing, and this gnawing, burning, twisting like pain in my abdomen. I followed up with a new GI in Boston who performed a repeat colon/edoscopy and the only thing found again was, "chronic active gastritis with intestinal metaplasia" and no evidence of Celiac Disease, which my PCP suspects its from the gluten free diet. Basically I'm freaking out because I don't know what to do about it. I lost my job as a full time firefighter late last year at the age of 23 due to this stupid issue. I know this may seem like the typical sob story but I was hoping some one may have some advice? or maybe have a similar issue? Can gastritis (MILD) really cause this much pain? I don't have any parasites, h. pylori, SIBO, yersinia, Etc.. all that confirmed by stool testing and their associated tests. Sorry for the long post.. I would post the second colon/EDG report but like I said other than those two findings (Normal duodenum and the metaplasia) everything else was normal. - Greg
  4. Thanks for the reply! It was my doctors nurse practitioner who suggested I take those supplements. She was the first person I saw since being diagnosed and my symptoms included joint pain, headaches, numbness tingling, and bad stomach pains from dull to sharp. My GI told me my stomach was severely inflamed and would probably take about 6 months to heal.. Ill assume thats why I'm taking the Aloe Vera? My B-12 is also low at 300 not critical but for someone my age who eats healthy anyway should be around 550-700. The pro biotic and stomach enzymes are to help with digestion and stomach pain (is what i was told) As for the OPC and ORAC.. Looks like body cleansing and maybe some joint relief? I got blood drawn that day and don't understand most of the results but I do know I am not anemic I will get the results Thursday. I was told the Vili being dull and not being able to "pluck" nutrients that solid pills for vitamins would not be a good choice this early on for me. As for a financial stake.. Their office does sell these products however I did not buy them from their office... I do realize they are very expensive but at this point dealing with pain for 2 years ill do anything to feel better especially since I just got a full time Fire Department job and will be taking my PAT test in a week! So there was Urgency on my part.. I know it wont go away tomorrow but any relief would be great.. I will be seeing my actual PCP for the first time this Thursday and a nutritionist this Wens. I will update after those appointments. Thank you, Gregory
  5. Hello, I recently just joined and find this forum to be very helpful. After two long years of all sorts of weird issues (joint pain, numbness and tingling, acid reflux) and thousands of dollars in medical bills with no answers for my symptoms turns out about 3 weeks ago monday my biopsy and blood test came back positive for Celiac Disease.. FINALLY looks like i may have an answer. Long story short my doctor is having me take Nutrametrix supplements ( ORAC, OPC-3, B-Complex, Might-a-mins, Aloe Vera Juice, and a Probiotic) To treat the nausea and burning sensation in my gut. Have any of you taken these supplements? Have they helped you? ORAC OPC-3 2x daily empty stomach Activated-B Complex Nutriclean Probiotic 2x daily before meals Might-a-mins after/or before meals or PRN (as needed) Aloe Juice natural flavor 2oz 4-5x as PRN