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  1. This thread is really useful! Thank you!
  2. Thank you I accidentally bumped into this forum and read what ravenwoodglass wrote : that her livedo reticularis disappeared after she stopped eating gluten, so of course I immediately stopped eating gluten and "made ​​a mistake", because I was tested after 4 months being gluten free I do have genes. I'm 30, livedo appeared when I was 16 and when I was 20 got diagnosed with lupus. So now I'm still on resochin because of lupus and I'm still gluten free, although every now and then I found out that I'm eating something that contains gluten. So far livedo started to fade and disappeared on my right arm ( whatever). I'm from Croatia and it's hard to do anything (labs, test), you have to beg them or pay (my english ).
  3. + lupus, + livedo reticularis, + Raynaud's . Just read today, here, that all three can disappear after going gluten free O hope