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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. next time i visit depauw i will stop here!
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Gluten Free Chicago

    there is a restaurant in the west loop called Ina's (breakfastqueen.com). the 2nd wednesday of every month she does gluten free fried chicken night, complete with great gluten free rolls. sooooo good. you usually need to call for reservations, but its worth it.
  4. yep, $1.95. i got two of them, one for me, one for a coworker. individually wrapped with a sign that said "gluten free". it was good. i will buy again. i would have loved it even better if it had a little icing or a little glaze - i like my stuff sweet, but it was moist and good. yea for starbucks!
  5. Fogo De Chao

    you also cant have the sausage - or so i was told by the manager. looove the one here in chicago. my fave place to eat out.
  6. PS. Congrats and Good Luck! Its very exciting!
  7. I am 8 months pregnant and celiac. I go to Dr. Anita Levin OB/GYN at Northwestern Hospital. A friend of mine who is pregnant and celiac also goes to her. She is really great. She doesnt "specialize" in celiac or anything, but she is certainly aware of the condition and will help you with medications/birth control, etc that are gluten-free. She listens so well and makes you feel really comfortable. love her. As for Celiac doctor, I go to University of Chicago hospitals and see Carol Semrad. she is pretty good. the nutritionist there (can't remember her name) is a little harsh, in my opinion.
  8. Hello From Chicago

    I assume you work near Northwestern Hospital? there is a corner bakery right there, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, they have the chicken tortilla soup which is gluten-free. Also, there is a deli/salad place downtown called Goodwins. They use boars head meats and their salads are awesome. they deliver. Dont forget about Vinci which has a gluten free menu in chicago and is awesome. I do chipotle all the time for lunch and love it - there is one on michigan and wacker i believe. Weber grill has lots of gluten free stuff too. PS. i went to Ina's for gluten-free fried chicken night - its awesome. I will definitely be going next month as well.
  9. the one that gets me is the regular flavor of Doritos. All the other flavors are gluten free - but not the original nacho flavor. even "spicy nacho" is gluten-free. Doritos are my one pregnancy craving, so if my husband goes out to get some for me, i have to make sure to tell him several times "NOT the original nacho flavor." Also, i saw that Pringles have wheat in them?? or am i mistaken? i thought i read that the other day. thought that was weird.
  10. went there on Friday and it was good. it was so great to dine-in at a place and order pizza. there is just something about having pizza made for you instead of making it yourself. It was all goey, and greasy and warm and good when served at our table. my husband (who is not gluten-free) even liked it. it only comes in the 12 inch size at this point, so we ordered two 12-inch pizzas and had some for leftovers. it was great. its a super thin crust and i am wondering how well it would hold up for delivery. but for the dine-in, it was awesome. i was very happy. Just so you know digmom, Lou Malnati's has a crustless pizza that is pretty good too. its basically a layer of sausage topped with cheese and sauce and whatever toppings you want. So, i kind of like the Marcello's a little better because it tastes more like real pizza, but Malnati's is pretty good too.
  11. So a friend of mine told me that Marcello's Father and Son pizzaria is now offering a gluten-free pizza. I called the Logan Square location near my house and its true! they have it! apparently they worked with the U of C Celiac foundation for taste testing and making sure the right procedures were followed. She says its really good. I am going to go there tonight to check it out. I am so excited! There are a couple locations in Chicago and one in Northbrook i think.
  12. I actually tried the gluten-free cupcakes at Swirlz last summer. They were horrible - i ended up throwing them away. However, i just had one again (someone at work got me one) it was the grasshopper and it was delicious. I also tried another chocolate flavor which was great. i think they must have changed their recipe or something since last summer because it was great. I will definitely stop by there again sometime.
  13. Starbucks

    i voted. it was easy. man i would love to have a muffin with my coffee again!!
  14. A co-worker of mine was just on the site for Mia Francesca's which is a really good, really cute Italian restaurant in the Wrigleyville area. On the site they say they are introducing gluten free pastas. I tried to click on the link but the link was broken, so thats all the info i have. I used to live in that area and go to that restaurant all the time before i was diagnosed. It was one of my favorites back then, so i hope it will be a favorite now. Just thought i would share.
  15. Chuy's Tex-mex

    I was just visiting austin a few weeks ago. Went to Chuy's and was sad that their queso was not gluten-free. I went to several restaurants that had gluten-free queso. We also ate at Z Tejas which has a gluten free menu.