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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. New Orleans

    i live in n.o. - not dairy free, but hope this helps: any of the nicer restaurants in the french quarter can accommodate you. the court of two sisters has an incredible jazz brunch buffet. mention to your server you are gluten-free - the chef will escort you around the buffet and tell what you can & can't have! i love this place. the rest. has a great atmosphere also!! i think the general rule to follow is one you would follow in any city - if their is a real chef on site and they make things from scratch, you will be perfectly safe. if you want to ask me about specific restaurants or hotels, or any tourist-y questions, i'd be happy to help. you can e-mail me (proger8239@hotmail.com) - i don't check this forum often. i am assuming you are staying in the downtown area?? if not, let me know. i can help out with some restaurants outside the city also. have an awesome time!! i love this city!
  2. i eat blue bell homeade vanilla all the time!! have absolutely no problems with it & love it. you may also want to try their banana split - delicious! i also enjoy amy's gluten-free frozen meals often and haven't had a problem.
  3. i drink plenty of different white wines with no problems. from nicer wines on down to cheap. but i also love bacardi "o" which is their orange flavored rum mixed with sprite or 7-up. delicious! just be careful if the bar uses one shot glass to measure out the liquor for all drinks. it is usually not washed between drinks. just ask him to not use it, or use a clean one. i have never had a bartender give me a problem with that request. depending on the type of bar, they may have disposable/plastic shot cups anyway.
  4. which mainstream brands of cake icing are gluten-free? i really want some and do not want to make it. i thought i remembered some duncan hines flavors were ok?? thanks for the help.
  5. i use Idahoan. they come in a few flavors (not all are gluten free), but the garlic ones are. usually on a lower shelf in a pouch and very cheap!
  6. i was never a beer snob, but beer & wine was all i drank before. getting drunk became quite an experience when i started drinking hard liquor. i now have my limits down to a science! the new grist, though not coors light is a great substitute. there is nothing like a frosty beverage in the amber bottle. most wines are fine - i stick with whites. for hard liquor, bacardi "O" their orange flavored rum is great. mix it with sprite and you can barely taste the liqour. hence the problems in the beginning. just because you can't taste it doesn't mean it's not there. anyway, also, their vanilla flavored rum with coke is delicious also. i have heard skky vodka is ok, though i haven't tried it. i have also had luksusowa vodka which is fine. it's a polish potato vodka. happy drinking!
  7. most blue bell flavors are ok. my favorite is banana split! also, philly swirl makes some popsicle like treats - both the fruit ones and fudgy ones are awesome! and baskin robbins has several flavors we can have. my favorite is gold medal ribbon.
  8. in the beginning of my gluten-free life, i stuck with sutter home & gallo wines. i have come to learn from several different sources that all white wine is gluten free. my favorites (for at home are mondavi and vendage). but it's quite nice to go out and order a drink without hundreds of questions and special concessions to be made. i simply ask for a white wine and have had no problems. for crazier nights - i go with bacardi "o" and 7-up. but mostly stick with wine due to having less of a hangover! enjoy!
  9. I ordered the New Grist last week - a little pricey, but i am so desperate for beer. It was $32.95 for a 12 pack, which included shipping. the sales lady broke it down & pointed out that it is $2.75 per beer -about average for a beer in a bar. I counted the minutes until it arrived - put them straight in the freezer for a quick chill & oh my god!! it is really good. it has a sweetness to it that regular beer doesn't, but i really liked it. drank 3 right away, and fell asleep rather quickly that night, but it was so worth it. my boyfriend (who is not celiac) said it wasn't bad. that's a pretty good compliment i thought. i really liked it. it should have dawned on me to try my whole foods - i am going to call them today. i do recommend it to anyone who misses beer. it wasn't my coors light, but if it's all i can have, then so be it. i'll drink it and enjoy it!
  10. Waffle Syrup

    I use maple grove farms cozy cottage sugar free syrup. the bottle clearly states gluten free. they also make a large selection of salad dressings & marinades that are gluten-free. their website is www.maplegrove.com
  11. Hard Candy

    I contacted Brach's candy company not long ago and they told me they could not guarantee that any of their candies were gluten free. In my quest for peppermints, i have found that Wal Mart brand peppermints are gluten free, and they clearly state it on the bag like they do for all their store brand products.
  12. i heard once that domestic wines are safe, but not sure about imports. is this true? or is any wine from anywhere safe?
  13. Hormel canadian bacon is gluten free.
  14. can someone tell me which anti-bacterial hand wipes are gluten free? normally i am not too concerned at home, but i ride in a st. patricks parade tomorrow and will need to clean my hands & eat throughout the day without proper hand washing. i need to buy them today, so sorry - but i need a quick response. thanks so much!!!
  15. does anyone know of good bbq sauces and steak sauces? mainstream or specialty would work. i really miss sauces! thanks!