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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What To Expect At The Mayo And Other ?'s

    If you are looking for restaurants and gluten free grocery items while you are there, you might want to check out http://semnceliacs.org/restguide.htm They have a nice list going of which restaurants they have spoken with about how to be gluten free and have arranged certain menu items they have at least initially cleared with them. I've heard you can get almost everything on the menu made gluten free (with gluten free pastas) at Victoria's, downtown, and the people I know who went there loved it.
  2. Often stores sell it with the popcorn products or the popcorn salt-good luck-
  3. Western Iowa Eastern Nebraska

    Hi! I don't live out there but have been out to the area for Tulip festival nearby-there is a support group in Sioux Falls, here is the contact info- Sioux Falls Celiac Disease Support Group, 7 p.m. Call: Grace, 582-7194, or June, 528-6189. Second Monday there is probably one in Sioux City too which would be closer to her, but I haven't heard of it. If she lives in LeMars, last year when we were through in Sioux Center I was shocked to find Casey's bakery actually carrying gluten free cake mixes and such in their store. A lot of supermarkets though will carry stuff if you tell them you will buy it, especially if you can find someone else in the county who is also interested in purchasing it. Good luck!!
  4. Nuts/shelled? What Brands?

    I'm pretty sure that most of the Blue Diamond nuts are ok-they don't have that "made in a factory w..." warning that almost all the other nuts have-also Planters is ok I believe. I don't know for certain about the soy. Maybe someone else will weigh in here. The Blue Diamond nuts though, are put out by the same people who do the rice crackers-
  5. Fortune Cookies

    IT WORKS!! I can hardly believe it, but it does-here is the recipe, altered to be gluten-free. Krumcake tastes better, but these don't taste bad and they fold twice to get that fortune cookie shape. You can put any message in there you want-I used proverbs from around the world, I know someone who once used the Ferengi Rules of Aquisition-or you could put in some of those conversation question starters I've heard of (like "What's your favorite family tradition" etc.). Nantzie, thanks for the encouragement. Also for introducing me to Krumcake. Yum. Erik, the Krumcake doesn't look so great right now (tastes good though)-I need to get one of those Krumcake irons. I recommend you try out the recipe of Nantzie's it isn't too hard, really it isn't. Anyway it is better coming right out of the oven! Gluten Free Fortune Cookies 4 egg whites 1 cup sugar 1 cup flour mix (I used Annalise's Flour Mix- for 3 cups of that, mix 2 cups extra finely ground flour-she uses Authentic Foods, I used a fine rice flour from an Asian food store- potato starch 2/3 cup tapioca flour 1/3 cup) 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum (could maybe get by w/ less, I didn't want these to crack during folding though so erred on side of caution) pinch of salt 3 Tablespoons heavy whipping cream 5 tablespoons butter (unsalted, melted in microwave) 1 teaspoon almond extract Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C)-Coat baking sheet w/ cooking spray (Note-be liberal or you will end up trying to scrape them off in pieces while under a time limitation). Use an electric mixer and combine the egg whites and sugar-beat on medium speed about 30 seconds. Add the flour, salt, and xanthan gum-beat until mixed. Add the butter, heavy cream and almond extract, beat until mixed. Pour about 1 Tablespoon batter onto baking sheet. Spread w/ fingers into thin 4-5" circle, repeat to fill the tray, but don't try doing more than about 4-5 at a time, as when you take these out of the oven, you must fold w/ speed, and if you have too many, the last ones will fail and crack. Bake until edges turn golden brown, 6-8 minutes (watch closely, the later batches may cook faster as the pan will be warm when you reload it). For a more satisfying "crack" for the cookie, cook them a bit browner. For a cookie that tastes better, just brown the outside 1/4 inch or so. Put the baking sheet on a heat-resistant surface and slide a spatula under one cookie (TIP: start w/ the brownest one as these set up faster and you won't want to leave them for last). Place on a tea towel. Fold cookie in half, pinching at top to form a loose semicircle. Insert index fingers into ends-press indentation into center of cookie while bending ends together to from shape of fortune cookie. This should take 10 seconds or less. Once the cookie hardens, you can't fold it. Repeat w/ other cookies. Write your message on paper and thread through cooled cookie (can also sometimes carefully wedge paper down in a semicircle if cookies are still slightly warm).
  6. Fortune Cookies

    Nancy, Thanks so much! I tried it tonight-Krumcake is awesome (especially warm from the oven)! I'm going to have to get one of those special rollers just so I can make it now-as for what I was attempting with the fortune cookies-I used about a tablespoon of the batter and rounded it out, like you are supposed to do. Then I cooked them in the oven at about 350 or so for maybe 6-7 minutes, until the edges started to brown. I flipped them onto a clean tea cloth with the top side (the smoother side) towards the surface and then flipped them over, sort of like an omelette. I found that the krumcake recipe won't withstand being folded more than once, and flattens without some sort of form-so I just flipped them over using a large pencil as the mold until it hardened, so that I could at least still slide in the fortunes. Krumcake fortunes, I guess. They taste delicious, even if they don't look like fortune cookies. Maybe I will try to dredge up some sort of gluten-free ice cream cone recipe, I wonder if something like that might work, now that the krumcake thing got me thinking about forms. It holds the paper anyway, which is the main point. Have to work fast though, so it stays smooth and won't crack. Got better the more times I tried it. Thanks again so much for the recipe!
  7. I'd love to try it gluten-free, it's a fun idea-but the "regular" wheat based recipe is rather finicky to begin with-you have about 10-20 seconds to shape the cookie, max, or it's done and you'll break it. I'm a bit nervous about attempting to sub flours-any ideas? or has anyone used a recipe they recommend? Thanks for any suggestions!
  8. Best Cake Mixes

    I second the Namaste mix for chocolate cake. Don't know if their other stuff is any good, but it is very moist and so good other people don't know it is gluten-free unless you tell them. I've served it at birthday parties and no one knew the difference. Also, I waited for eons to try it not realizing, that, unlike almost every other cake mix out there that makes one 8" or 9" round (which in my opinion is not a whole cake), the Namaste mix will make a whole 13x9" pan or two rounds-I had never bought it before because I thought it was too expensive, but when you take into account that it makes twice as much, it is often actually cheaper. (It does say in small print on the bottom of the bag, but that took me a while to notice).
  9. Cycling Season Is Starting Up...

    Just thought I'd mention-Perpetuem is a drink/supplement type mix-my husband who is a cyclist just got some today and right on the back it says "contains no wheat or gluten". (Perpetuem, I think, is also a Hammer product). It's supposed to be good stuff. You get a better deal by buying the larger container vs. single serving, but you can try single serving first and see if you like it before shelling out more money.
  10. Grilled cheese with the outside coating being melted butter, oregano, parsley, and garlic powder...
  11. Just read recent research (can't find the paper now, sorry!) that 1/4 of one Triscuit or the equivalent amount of gluten is enough to cause the autoimmune reaction in celiac, whether or not the person is aware of a reaction. Therefore, new proposed guidelines are that if someone is consuming this amount of gluten per month, since it takes typically about 4-6 weeks for the body to heal, that they are not really following a gluten free diet and would be considered noncompliant with the diet. Therefore, the people who think, "Oh, I can just have a piece of cake today", if they have celiac disease, even if they are "only" doing this once a month, are really not on a gluten free diet.
  12. Read this in an article today-"fibers for clothing have been made for the first time from the wheat protein gluten...the fibers are as strong and soft as wool and silk but up to 30 times cheaper. Narenda Reddy and Yiqui Yang, who produced the fibers (University of Nebraska in Lincoln) say that because they are biodegradable they might be used in biomedical applications such as surgical sutures". Currently I doubt sutures are an issue, but just be aware this could be coming out...Here is the online abstract if anyone wants to read it: http://pubs.acs.org/cgi-bin/abstract.cgi/b.../bm0608840.html
  13. Just Wondering Who's From Minnesota

    Thanks for the review!!
  14. Whole Grain Oats...

    I've heard that if you are wondering if you are part of the 10% that react, once your labs are good again, if you wish to try out oats (the noncontaminated kind) you can do so and then get retested labwise to see if your numbers go up or not. Some people who react to gluten or to oats don't show obvious signs. Maybe someone else on here will weigh in on this.