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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Nope, I'm not sensitive to nuts, and I can eat an entire [sinful] Sundae by myself without problems (rules out the ice cream). I usually wind up sharing a desert with my mother who also has Celiac Disease, and we've both gotten sick on the brownie. After reading the replies, I can't imagine what would be causing us to have reactions. I think the next time I go to the Outback I'll try it again with lactaid (because it does taste really really good ), but I'll still keep the Anti-Diarrheal medication on-hand in case of a reaction.
  2. I just went to the Elephant Walk in Waltham on Friday for lunch. Food was pretty good, portions are small but satisfying (don't go there expecting a large meal). Prices were $8-12 for lunch, $15-20 for dinner. Just ask for their Gluten Free menu.
  3. I was always told Heinz / French's / Hellmann's brand condiments were safe (because of the way they distill their vinegar). I've used Hellmann's mayo, French's mustard, and Heinz brand pickles, ketchup, & BBQ sauce without problems. While on the topic of condiments, I called Old El Paso about their salsa, apparently that's gluten free as well. However, Tostito's brand is not (found that out the hard way).
  4. Hi, I just found this great forum, and I couldn't help but replying to your question. (I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in Jan 2000, and have been gluten-free ever since). Despite what the Outback Menu says, I have always always always gotten sick on their brownie. I have had it on at least 10 separate occasions at 4 different Outbacks in NY and MA and have always gotten sick. It took me a while to realize the brownie was causing me to have D after my meal. If someone could post the ingredients for the brownie, I would love to know. I suggest the Sydney's Sinful Sundae as a great alternative (if you're not allergic to coconut or strawberries). (For reference, I'm looking at the online menu dated 4/06, and Cinnamon Apple Oblivion, Chocolate Thunder..., and Sydney's Sinful Sundae are all marked gluten-free. I've never tried the Cinnamon Apple thing, but it doesn't sound very appetizing without the apples or the cinnamon as the avoidance suggests).