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  1. Hi everyone, I was recently diagnosed with celiac about 7months ago and it has been a big adjustment, to say the least. After struggling a lot with all the changes I decided to check out this site to hopefully get some advice from individuals who are in the same boat with me. Prior to my diagnosis, I lost over 40lbs in a very short period of time and if I am being honest it was overwhelming but I was not upset about how my body was "looking" (I say "" because now I know it was not healthy at all). Now though, I have been living gluten-free and it's a completely 180. I started trying to incorporate healthy eating ( watching my macros and trying to incorporate more vegetables and lean meats) and exercise, which has been a new addition as before my diagnosis exercise was something I was terrified of doing because of one too many close calls with the bathroom. I will say I am definitely guilty of exploring the different gluten-free snacks and sweet alternatives at the grocery store occasionally, but even with all of this I've started gaining weight back (about 10pounds so far) and it seems no matter how much I exercise or try to maintain a balanced diet the weight is just hanging around. And on top of that I feel as though now that I've started eating gluten free my body is still all over the place in terms of digestion. Before obviously as many of you have experienced, had your fair share of diarrhea and bathroom explosions, but yet I was at least going to the bathroom and it was almost consistent, now it's like I feel as though I have to be so careful about the foods I consume because now my body is temperamental about its digestion in an unpredictable way. Which is frustrating in itself because not only do I have to be careful about what I eat but I also have to now be restrictive on the types of gluten-free foods I eat. Yes, my pain and crazy bathroom adventures have gone away, which I am so thankful about, but now it's the opposite and I feel out of tune with my body completely, I never know if I'm going to have a normal digestion day or if I'm going to not go to the bathroom for days. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just a lucky individual who has somehow felt more out of sync with her body since? And if so does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this. Some days it can be so frustrating because though I feel better in terms of all the symptoms I was having before and my antibody levels have dropped significantly, It is still so defeating to see the scale go up even when I'm trying to restrict myself to a healthy diet and incorporate more exercise. I know that it is not necessarily a bad thing to be gaining some weight, because of the significant weight loss I experienced and everyone is telling me it's fine but it has certainly been a big shock to the system seeing my body change so much in such a short period of time and to feel like my body has a mind of its own and is running in circles with no consistency. Hopefully, this all made sense. Thanks <3
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