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  1. Thanks. That's where I'm at now. Next step biopsy. I definitely have a gluten problem but not sure to what degree.
  2. I haven't had a lot of support either. My psychiatrist said my problems are "psychosymatic". I'm tired of dealing with this whole thing.
  3. Thanks for the info too. Knowing it is an auto immune disease helps. I would suggest you see a GI from now on or an immunologist. That's who found mine. (Did the blood work). Yes. My allergist/immunologist checked all of them. She checked everything. Liver function, thyroid, ... She's very...
  4. I am scheduled to see a GI about the endoscopy but hope he doesn't really only on that or I'll be reluctant to see him further. Yes, you're right. I am deficient in vitamin D3 and Dr put me on a RX supplement. Regular GP doctor's done nothing. Says everything's ok. Everything's not okay.
  5. 8 months ago, my immunologist went to great lengths to perform many Lab tests which revealed several things, one being celiac. Compounded with my severe symptoms, constant illness, she recommended I see a GI to have a biopsy, but did not weigh my diagnosis heavily on those results. I saw a another...
  6. Hi Megan, I had the same exact symptoms. Sometimes I wonder if it's a glutton mishap or a food allergy which I believe are caused by consumption of gluten. I did review my diet and I can a few offenders such as soy. I am sensitive to soy unless it is moderate amount ,and this particular food used...