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  1. Thank you. Yeah going gluten-free and cutting back on dairy it took about 8 days to have my first normal stool, then the next day after the grilled cheese stomach issues were back. I'll definitely be seeing a GI once I'm able to and maybe cut out the gluten again if it's causing stomach issues.
  2. My TTG IGA came back as 1 so I think I probably have something else. My Immunoglobin A was in normal range as well at a 134.
  3. I might have to do that. I had the test results come back yesterday during work as negative so I had a grill cheese with tomato soup and the stomach issues are back at full force again. I've never had any issues with dairy in the past. Once I get on better insurance I'll be seeing a GI doctor to...
  4. That's good to know. I had my blood drawn and since no doctor involved, I could get the results as soon as tomorrow but it could also be Monday. That being said, I'll post here once I get my results. Thanks for all of y'alls help. What's weird is I'm hoping it comes back positive because at least...
  5. Sorry I tried posting as a guest on my phone and I don't think it went through. There's a place I can order a blood test online and show up at the clinic to have it done and then they email me the results. My only concern though is I start going gluten-free as to the doctors recommendation to...
  6. Thank you for your informative post. I did see there were blood tests for it but my doctor didn't mention them, she went right to if eating gluten-free does work then she would want me to eat gluten and go to a GI for a scope to confirm which is why it's so pricey. Unfortunately my current insurance...
  7. Hi, my name is Brittany. For the past year really I've had on/off diarrhea. It's started becoming more common. For instance it was one every other week, then it kinda went to once a week, then after a little, a few times and week and now I've had it for a month straight. I talked to a doctor and...