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  1. I seem to be okay with green grapes but decided to buy red ones for a change, I realise I ate a few but not as many as I would have had they been green. I can't think of anything else I could have eaten that would have made me so violently sick, I always stick to gluten free food. I do realise I...
  2. I was diagnosed celiac in April this year after an Colonoscopy and Endoscopy and so far I have stuck to gluten-free foods and felt the best I have done for a few years. On Sunday I decided I would like some red grapes......bad move! I have been ill for the past two days and never want to see another...
  3. I thought I would treat myself and have red grapes instead of green......wrong move! I was so ill I have promised myself never to eat red grapes ever again. I will stick to green ones in future!!