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  1. Hi all, I see this topic has risen to the top again and I just wanted to give an update. Since being diagnosed, I have actually lost weight, although part of it due to my eating disorder (I was using my celiac as an excuse not to eat anything). I had anorexia for 10 years before any of...
  2. Thank you! I am hoping that as long as I eat healthy and the way I do now, things will stay the same.
  3. Thank goodness! This gives me hope, thank you so much
  4. So basically, it's still the whole 'calories in / calories out' method? Because I've always eaten pretty healthy minus the occasional pizza, and I'm currently eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I was scared the weight gain was out of my control, but it sounds like my metabolism will be the same...
  5. So I was diagnosed yesterday with Celiac (had a biopsy and it came back positive). I am thin, and don't want to gain any weight. But everything I am seeing online is that going gluten free causes everyone to gain weight and I'm so scared. I've already been trying to cut back as much as possible when...