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  1. Everything depends on your time, but for me by the time I stopped eating gluten and my digestive system cleared out I felt oh so much betterm\, but everthing takes time, and depends...
  2. Go with a celiacs b/f but when you find one, make sure he has a friend and have him message me sometime, lol :-P ~~~Annie~~~
  3. I'm 16! Dont be afraid to ask about anything! ~~~AnnaBelle~~~
  4. Hey I dont know what to say, but I really wanted to say hey, I was just diagnosed with celiacs last year and mine is just as severe, also it has made me lasctose and tolerant, so...
  5. Hey I am 16 years old and my name is AnnaBelle, and I was just diagnosed right before school got out that I have celiacs disease, it is so hard for me just to feel normal, and I...
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