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    Proving that all autoimmune disease is caused by undiagnosed chronic infections like Lyme Disease and Candida. Why else would my body attack *me*?<br /><br />If you ask me, infection (be it bacterial such as Lyme or fungal such as Candida) is the root cause of what science calls *genetics*. My grandmother had *Alzheimer's*, they say. If she had Lyme Disease, which had not even been discovered back then, she could have theoretically passed the Lyme BUG (what science then calls a defective **gene**) onto my dad and then me. Though it would appear to have *genetic* basis, perhaps what was *shared* was not genes, but rather common infection, something that *science* has failed to investigate as a cause a cure to ALL disease, not JUST Celiac's.
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    Kutztown, PA
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