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  1. I’m 18 and have had very bad anxiety for the past 5 years. Around 4 months ago I started eating a ton of cookies and small snacks that are packed with gluten. Coincidentally this is around when my GAD and OCD shot through the roof. I kept eating more and more and the anxiety is getting to unbearable p...
  2. Let's say you go to LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics and want to do a Celiac Panel but did not get health insurance to approve it. You only want to run this test. How much would this cost $200? $300?
  3. So I am experiencing some stomach pains and bloating among other things which might be completely unrelated but I am not sure if this is Celiac Disease. One of my parents has Celiac Disease and I have read that it it damages your small intestine and that it is better to catch it at an early age....
  4. Does this sound like celiac disease? After I eat anything I feel extremely tired and want to sleep for the next 2-4 hours but this then goes away if I do not eat anything. However when I do not eat for half a day I feel a stabbing pain right behind my belly button. This started with fatigue after...
  5. I do not know if I have celiac disease or not. For the past three months I’ve been experiencing a very sharp pain right behind my belly button. It comes on and off but it makes my stomach feel like it’s very full. Even though my body feels hungry I honestly know that I would feel better if I did...