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Would a doctor order a blood test for Celiac Disease if a parent has it but you are asymptomatic?

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So I am experiencing some stomach pains and bloating among other things which might be completely unrelated but I am not sure if this is Celiac Disease. One of my parents has Celiac Disease and I have read that it it damages your small intestine and that it is better to catch it at an early age. I have had some vertigo and blurred vision after eating some gluten products but once again I am not sure if this is psychosomatic. At this point I have read that this is a very serious condition and many people do not know that they have it. I also have dyslexia and read that it is 13 times more likely to have celiac disease. I am sort of going off the rails and am wondering could you just get a referral for a blood test from GP just to get tested for this to give me some peace of mind? My parent has had bad issues with Celiac for many years before getting diagnosed but got better completely but I do not want to even remotely risk damaging my small intestines beyond repair. Could a doctor give me a referral to get bloodwork done with only 1 parent having it but me being technically asymptomatic?

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You are not technically asymptomatic and you have a first degree relative with a diagnosis of Celiac Disease which makes you prime candidate for Celiac testing.  

Celiac Disease is genetic.

All first degree relatives (mum, dad, siblings, children) of a person diagnosed with Celiac Disease should be tested. 

Basic doctor knowledge.  If your doctor doesn't know this, run!


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