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  1. Posterboy, Thank you so much! I am brand new to all of this and it's kind of overwhelming at times. All of the people on this site have helped me research different things and i appreciate it so much! I will look through everything you have mentioned and added above! Thank...
  2. Ok what about special occasions? Especially with Christmas coming up! Would it hurt me more to eat homemade gluten free baked goods?
  3. Kate333 Thank you so so much you've helped me so much You've been so kind! I wish you the best😊
  4. Kate, OMG that is exactly what I do!!!! I'm trying to stop it but everything just seems so overwhelming. I'm going to try music and reading from now on Thank you😌
  5. Thank you so much, I wish the same to you! Yes I am stressed a lot lately i just didn't realize it could effect me like that. I usually have headaches due to stress and worrying. I just hope things will go back to normal soon! Thanks again I will try what you've suggested. Merry...
  6. I am eating some but not a lot
  7. Ok I will try that Thank you
  8. Yes he did I have been on vitamins D & B
  9. Hi, I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 4 months ago At first I didn't know I had it, I've had issues with nerves in my hands for a long time and I never wanted to bring it up because I always thought I was overreacting, Until it got to the point where I couldn't do simple things...