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  1. I mean the intestine or digestive system.
  2. Thanks for responding, I read the text of the link, it's interesting. It is already a beginning for me to discover why this rejection of my organism to honey. My organism is very "strange", because in addition to honey I have difficulties digesting meat (cow, pork and chicken), I feel unwell, a swollen...
  3. I had researched in Portuguese, my language, but I had not found a similar case, until I found your account today. Did you happen to discover something about what causes it?
  4. Hi, my name is Lemuel. I have a problem like yours. I always consumed honey, never a problem. However, for some years I can't eat anymore. When I eat at first I don't feel pain or any symptoms, but it takes 4 to 5 hours, there is a violent reaction in my digestive system, and I have to vomit, the...