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  1. thank you very much for this information. I will definitely trying the new sleeping position and see how it goes and if it makes a difference. I must say I am not a big fan on medication unless it’s absolutely Necessary and do think our body’s are amazing at healing. So I will definitely sta...
  2. It’s not fresh blood ( a relief ) it’s dark brown like tar you could say! At first my doctor did say from the GI and to do with the lining in my stomach? I have made an enquiry about seeing a specialist and hopefully having more of a result to what this could be. Thank you again for you reply
  3. Thank you very much for this reply and the video provided!! Great information. when I originally told my doctor about this he said he thought it might be GI as I find it’s more brown in the mornings and gradually eases off through the day. Of course from being led down, I did also find i...
  4. He is just a general practitioner. I will be looking at a second opinion from a gastroenterologist though. Oh I totally appreciate they don’t know everything none of us do ☺️ But I would appreciate them to seem a little interested in what’s going on with my health to which unfortunately I am not ...
  5. Thank you very much for your reply. 10years ago as I was feeling tired and sick after certain foods. I will definitely make sure they do the whole panel when I have the tests next week. overall I do have a pretty good diet. I cut milk and that out about a year ago now. I cut most things out...
  6. I had an X-ray on my chest/lungs and that did come back all clear. I think it’s more GI, the doctors did put me on gastric medication at the end of last year but I had side effects and didn’t want to go back on them without knowing what the actual issue is! I wasn’t aware there is diffe...
  7. Hi all. I am very new to this all as unfortunately I am finding it very hard to get taken seriously by the doctors especially at the moment. I have been coughing up coffee grounds / brown stuff since June last year. I must admit I have been a cannabis user which has masked/helped with the symptoms...