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  1. Awesome thanks for your help. I can try to eliminate those too if i keep getting the joint pain. Appreciate it Thanks for that. Yes i have started multi vitamins this week as well as probiotics too. Wasn't deficient in any of my blood tests but sometimes i do wonder... Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I have been diagnosed celiac by biopsy and blood test, and have been eating gluten free for 4 months. My bowel symptoms have improved significantly, but it still took a long time. Around the same time i started going gluten free, i started to develop joint pain in my feet (big toe joints only), knees and elbows - on both sides of my body (for everything). Has anyone experienced this kind of pain and how long did it take until it went away? Also, did you find that the gluten free diet was the cure? I also get a very foggy feeling in my head and sometimes bad
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