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  1. What is it with MIL's? lol, My MIL tried to pull the same kind of thing for my baby shower. I threw a FIT. It's YOUR DAY. People are not doing you some gigantic favor by accomodating your medical needs. My MIL was insisting we have my baby shower in a traditional Italian restaurant (they are not italian) where I could eat nothing. I called my husband in tears and he dealt with her. We are now having my baby shower at my moms. The food is still an uphill battle and i will probably wind up making all of it myself to ensure that it is gluten-free.
  2. Hey Everyone, I was hoping you all can help. I am almost 7 months pregnant and I am having my baby shower in a few weeks. I really have not done any gluten-free entertaining at all since I have been diagnosed. My sister in law is throwing the shower and we are having it at my moms. Neither my sis in law nor my mom are familiar with gluten-free cooking. My mom seems to believe I do not really even need to be gluten-free since its such an inconvenience to her. It seems like the pervailing idea among my family is that we will have one thing I can eat and then it'll be gluten-palooza for everyone else. Now if it was someone elses shower I wouldn't care. Since it is my shower I think it's fair that I should be able to eat all of the food served. Since my family is not really on board I am just going to do all of the cooking myself in my gluten-free kitchen. That's where you guys come in. I need ideas for fun party food that is 100% gluten-free. Any fun gluten-free party food ideas? I really need your help! Does anyone have gluten-free hors d'oervues they really like? gluten-free appetizers? Finger food? let me know!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I would give you advice on trying but you might consider it tmi. Good luck!
  4. Congratulations! I charted too! I am now 22 weeks pregnant but I remember being where you are very well. I was super super sick my first trimester. It's hard being a pregnant celiac since all you hear is "have a cracker, it'll help!" Definitely get on a prenate asap. Also make sure to always keep something in your stomach. My first trimester I was all about ginger ale and rice crackers. I could barely eat anything but the less you eat the sicker you get. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions! I had so many questions when i got pregnant!
  5. Does anyone live in or around the DC area? I want to send her to someone good so the test gets performed properly and the doctor actually knows how to interpret the results (my doctor in NY was completely clueless) She's been very sick lately and I'm worried about her. Can anyone help?
  6. One reason I am trying to push the issue is that I am five months pregnant and my baby shower will be in November. My horrible mother in law wanted to have it in a regular italian restaurant where I could eat nothing. My mom offered to host the shower at her house so I thought it was ok but now it's an issue since she doesn't seem to get that I need to be off gluten and she thinks its unreasonable of me to expect people who are bringing food to bring gluten-free food. (We got into a huge fight over this)
  7. It's an inconvenience to her. I am going over to her house for dinner tonight and I tried to be very clear about what i could and could not eat. She was going to make this one dish and it didn't even occur to her to look at the ingredients. I had her read them to me over the phone, what was one of the ingredients "wheat gluten"! I mean seriously, I don't ask for alot but if you don't even know not to make me something where gluten is clearly an ingredient than I don't know what else to do. That's when she got annoyed and told me how inconvenient this all was. Gee I am so sorry that my not getting violently ill for days on end and compromising my immune system is inconvenient.
  8. I don't know what to do anymore about my mom. I have explained how serious Celiac is till I was blue in the face. She keeps telling me to go back on gluten since living gluten-free is just so "inconvenient" like this is just some fad diet. She has absolutely no recollection of how sick I used to be and no recognition of how much better I am now. Is there anything to do with people like this? Will they ever get it or should I just give up?
  9. I love italian! Do they have a special gluten-free menu? Do you have to tell them you have Celiac when you make the reservation?
  10. My husband and I are going to Boston this weekend to visit friends. I am the only Celiac and I am pregnant so I have to be super careful about where I eat. Any restaurant suggestions in Boston?
  11. Cravng Gluten!

    So I had my craving again yesterday and decided to be pro-active and make some flourless cookies. They come out much better than any of the gluten-free versions of normal cookies that I have tried. I found the recipe on Epicurious.com. Even the gluten fanatics in my office are crazy about them. If anyone wants the recipe I would be happy to post. I should mention, they are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I know alot of people on here have lots of allergies (myself included, but for me peanuts are not one of them)
  12. Just a quick update. I am happy to say that two of my (non-celiac) coworkers came in wearing green! I haven't heard about any memorials. I am also part of the NYC celiac meetup group and I know on there they are encouraging people to make one of her recipes.
  13. I'm not sure if everyone saw the previous post about this. A bunch of us were going to wear green today, the official color of celiac awareness, in a tribute to Bette Hagman who passed away this week. I tried to get my non-celiac friends and family to wear green today to no avail. I guess if you don't actually have celiac you don't realize what a big deal it is. My husband is wearing a green shirt because he wouldn't dare not to. Throw on something green today, a shirt, hat, necklace, etc and promote celiac awareness!
  14. Remember to wear green tomorrow! I am sending out an email now to try and get friends and family to do the same!
  15. The EXACT SAME THING happened to me also with the salmon avocado roll. I checked the ingredients religiously and absolutely nothing contained gluten except for the soy sauce which I never use. I wish I had an answer for you but there must be something in that roll that is making people sick.
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