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  1. Hi, So I am thinking of taking my first vacation since I was diagnosed with Celiac. I have taken many cruises before since the cost works out so well but honestly the thought of a vacation based around food scared me to death. I wrote to Norwegian to ask if they could accomodate a Celiac...
  2. I am sure there are several places in the country where tap water is better. I live about 30 minutes east of Manhattan where, I assure you, the tap water is not better.
  3. I will definitely try that. Was it glass bottles that had been filled with other things or did you buy special bottles?
  4. I tried bottled Poland Spring water last night with the same effect. When you say "fresh" what do you mean? AFAIK I cannot tolerate any bottled water. I guess it could be the plastic but I am now drinking bottled orange juice in a plastic bottle. It's probably not that big a deal but I have noticed...
  5. Hi, I know it sounds silly since what on earth in water can make you sick. However, every time I have bottled water I get incredibly sick almost immediately. I used to drink it constantly but now I can't drink it at all. I would ask a gastroenterologist about it but I think it would just...