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  1. I also may have thyroid issues but these are yet to be confirmed as I have only had TSH and Free T4 tested. In both cases Free T4 was very similar however in May 06 my TSH was 1.170. I have just been tested again and my TSH was 2.110. Although I am not sure I don't know that it should move this much over 7 months?
  2. Got my Celiac bloodtest results back today and everything is normal. Now I just have to figure out which path to take.
  3. Its good to hear I am not the only one experiencing this, although I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Anyway I should get celiac bloodtest results in a couple of days. As I see it I will be going gluten-free no matter what the results. I highly doubt I will get positive results so I will probably true going gluten-free for a short period of time and see what happens.
  4. Lets just say I am definetely not overweight. In fact I am very skinny and struggle to put on weight. Thats why I am struggling to understand it. I sweat a lot, get flushed and very hot easily; yet I am skinny and get told I look fit. Its very frustrating since I can't get my head around it and I have been like this for many years.
  5. Now I really struggle in heat, and since it is summer here in australia I feel some what limited in what I can do. When I get into a hot car I flush, sweat and feel extremely uncomfortable due to the heat. Basically I am intolerant to heat. I can walk around in winter in shorts and tshirts and often dont feel cold. I understand that heat intolerance can be associated with thyroid problems, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced this from celiac, and if gluten-free helped to reduce/eliminate problem? Thanks
  6. Quick Question. I went to see my doc yesterday and he was hesitant in getting me tested for celiac because I don't have Diarrhea. Instead I experience the opposite, C on a daily basis. Based on some of the threads I have read I was wondering if Diarrhea is a true indicator of Celiac, or is it still possible to have Celiac without it?
  7. Hi Lisa Best of luck with your goal for 2007. My new years resolution is the same, improve my health and work out why I feel this way.
  8. I am finding this to be a very interesting thread. The reason being that I have been fighting anxiety and depression for years. I have tryed natural approaches and medication but I have never found myself truly getting it under control. Due to the number of other issues I have (constipation,heat intolerance,flushing,etc), I am now beginning to think that they are not the central issue, but rather the result of something else. Looking into thyroid and food intolerances so hopefully will be able to get some answers soon and get the anxiety / depression finally under control.
  9. Hmmm I had McDonalds last night, but it will probably be the last time I have that for a while. Not due to comments but rather if I go gluten-free.
  10. Sorry I don't have any advice at this time as I am trying to work out if I have gluten/thyroid issues. However, I am interested to hear what symptoms you were suffering from that were miraculously improved by going gluten-free?
  11. Its interesting this was brought up. The first thing I looked for recently when joining was an Introduce Yourself area. No doubt depends on available resources for maintenance but could be worth while.
  12. I am into Mountain Biking. Just got back from a ride (pretty much all on road though). I don't follow races too much but apparently us Aussies do alright, downhill in particular.
  13. Thanks for those resources. What i have noticed at stopthethyroidmadness is the emphasis placed on hypothyroididm. GIven that I experience heat intolerance, inability to put on weight (and other symptoms) I would have been leaning more towards hyperthyroidism. Therefore wouldn't this also mean that Armour would cause more harm than good? However I experience the opposite of increased bowel movements so this would lean more towards hypothyroidism. I doubt I switch between hypo and hyper as my symptoms are constant. That is, I dont feel really cold one day and hot the next; or have varying bowel movements. Rather I am constipated and hot all the time. So now I am wondering if heat intolerance is in any way linked to gluten intolerance/celiac? Could this be associated with the breathing difficulties I experience, and therefore could be linked to something else? Gee this is confusing. Just trying to get my head around possiblities.
  14. Hey georgie I am from Geelong here in VIC. My Free T4 and TSH was previously tested at PathCare so I would assume they also accomodate Free T3, thyroid antibodies and celiac testing. Yep last time I asked for the paperwork as I was pretty unhappy when I was told results were normal. I had convinced myself my thyroid was the problem. Having had some symptoms for many years I just can't wait to pinpoint what is contributing to these issues. Hopefully thyroid/gluten/yeast as these are areas I have noticed cover symptoms.
  15. Thanks for the excellent replies Kaycee and georgie, they were very informative. georgie I am from Victoria. Now I am a little confused. When I go to the doctors should I ask to be tested for Free T3,Free T4, TSH, antibodies and celiac? Can all these be tested easily?
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