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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am beginning to think that a fast is the better route..have given a good weeks effort on research for cleanses, and they all make me nervous.
  3. Does anyone know of any Gluten Free cleanses on the market? I have heard good things about "Wild Rose" brand cleanse, but not from anyone who has celiac. I am feeling icky despite strict gluten-free diet and want to give a good inner cleanse a try.
  4. holy cow. i think this is unbelievably terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hello all, so the compny got back to me very quickly. how nice! however, as suspected: "The Modified Food Starch in the Double X is derived from corn or wheat starch, we use both. At this time, we are not able to certify that all products available through Quixtar are gluten free. Please note that there are currently no Canadian regulations regarding the use of the term "gluten-free". We expect this to change within the next few years, but at this time, a product label may say "gluten-free" if there is no known source of gluten added to the product. However, this does not guarantee that the product is actually free of any trace amounts of gluten." LAME! Does anyone know why canada has no regulations regarding gluen free labeling?? Does this mean I can not trust "gluten free" to be gluten free ????
  6. Thanks for all of the replies! This is so nice. I actually did not verify wih the company the source of the maltodextrin and mod. food starch. I paniced! I will do this! how great would it be if i just overreacted!! But i am still pretty sure. The whole scalp/sickness thing makes me very nervous - I'll let ya'll know!
  7. It's been awhile since I have posted. I feel like I am in a nightmare! I have been taking the same multivitamin for about 3 years. Its actually 3 pills, through a company of a freind of mine. I assumed ( first mistake) it was fine as when she introduced me to them I was just really begining to understand my Celiac and gluten awareness. A label said " no naturally occuring gluten". I assumed( again...big mistake) it was fine. I ran out of my vitamins about a month ago. I noticed within a week my skin broke out, and I was bruising easily so i ordered a new box. BUT today when it arrived I thought - may as well read the ingredients. To my horror, Maltodextrin AND Modified Food Starch are among the first non-medical ingredients. I felt sick! I called my freind and explained...her reponse? " well, i wonder how much it really contains. sometimes they have to list it b/c its made on the same equipment, or maybe it just has trace amounts" oh my word!!!! I kindly and breifly said, yet again, I cannot even have traces of gluten. Its really not good for me. Anyways, I have sent the vitamins back. I just cant beleive this!!! And now I am thinking, HOLY COW what have I been putting in my body! Another light bulb just went on as well, I have had this terrible skin condition on my scalp for....ding ding... about 3 years!!!! I wonder if it will clear now? What can I do to heal? I am soooo choked at msyelf for being so niave! I would sometime throw up the vitamins within 20 minutes of taking them and I thought it was just b/c they were potent! Now I know my body was like " hello!!!! please dont take these!" Thanks for listening:(
  8. PHEW! Ok, this may need to be clarified on the forum as it was said to have gluten in it.
  9. I just read a posting in my daily e-mail that said Millet contains gluten? Is this true? This would be a very very very scary thing!!!!!!! -Canadian girl
  10. this is all great feedback thank you! i will see my doctor about it.... canadian girl
  11. Thoughts!?! I have had this patch of scalp for about 6 months that wont go away. I have tried all diff. shampoos, non-gluten, dandruff etc. I am starting to think it may be have something to do with celiac. Its a specific patch on my scalp near the front of my head/hairline that peels no matter what I do. Sometimes itchy, but mostly just flakes in big chunks. Its gross! And it wont go away:( -canadian girl
  12. This may be a daft question, but does Corn Starch contain Gluten? I have been using it to thicken things....just thought, hmm..i should checl on that and cant find any posts so far. -Canadian girl
  13. Yummy. Taco Del Mar. I searched thier site, they have a whole Gluten Free page explaining what to not eat, what is gluten-free. Wonderful. www.tacodelmar.com/food/gluten.html Except I was still getting sick! SO, I started eliminating things from the Baja bowl that I get, which really should have no gluten according to the site. I think I have put my finger on it, its the RICE! and perhaps the sour cream which can have modified food starch. It has a coating on it, that they say is not glutened but I beg to differ. So the Baja bowl with beans, lettuce, salsa, tomatoes is very good:) Anyone else have any experience? -Canadian girl
  14. Does cottonbcandy contain gluten? I had some on the weekend and was miserable all day yesterday and feel like crap today. Is it the color? -canadian girl
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