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  1. Tigano, I am one of the many posters here whom I know also had a positive blood and negative biopsy. I don't want to discourage you but based on your post everything seems to point to celiac. In my case it's harder to accept since I'm a Filipino with no one in the family having this disease. Celiac is unknown to my country and if you have celiac you will only be diagnosed with IBS like what happened to me. I just got proper diagnosis outside Philippines. I was diagnosed by a GI doctor through blood and he said there is no need for a biopsy since I'm positive with lga and I have a raised ttg. Not satisfied I went to another doctor who did the biopsy that came out negative. He told I have no celiac and said "go back to your normal life and eat". I hesitated at first but later on I did some gluten challenges, it didn't make me sick in the beginning but later on all my symptoms of bloating and gas came back. So that's it, gluten free!!!
  2. Been gluten free for 7 months. Positive blood work and negative biopsy but I went gluten free anyway. My problem is that my symptoms still persist although I have been treated for h pylori which i showed positive in the biopsy. also had gastritis and peptic duodenitis and was put on rabeprazole for three months or more i guess. My gi doctor advises me to undergo a video capsule endoscopy. My insurance doesn't cover it and it's very expensive. What can it help me with in my case? By now I am very much aware of cc's and hidden gluten sources.
  3. jenny, in your son's case it's pretty obvious and conclusive that your son is a celiac. there is really no point in doing a biopsy. in my case i insisted on the biopsy because after a month in the gluten-free diet my symptoms are not improving. the biopsy was negative for celiac but revealed h pylori that was treated with antibiotics and made all of my gastro symptoms disappear. now, it is just the blood work that has tied me to celiacs which is really confusing sometimes im getting tempted to stay out of the diet but i just keep on thinking about my health's future.
  4. See, after getting diagnosed through bloodwork i tried an elimination diet and gluten challenge i got hurt most with soy but i dont react with gluten at all. most of the people in this board says that if youre blood work is positive then you have it, so to be on the safe side and avoid the long term effects i prefer to stay gluten free although like what ive mentioned earlier i can eat gluten without any symptom flare up but who knows what its causing my intestines. most of the posters here also say that a negative biopsy doesnt mean a thing if you have a positive bloodwork.
  5. same story with me but i was gluten-free for one month before biopsy. biopsy turned out negative for celiac but found gastritis and peptic duodenitis caused by h pylori, felt really good after the 1 week antibiotic course. doctor ordered me back on gluten but i decided to stay gluten-free even though i know that i can eat gluten without any problem i mean symptoms, its the long term damage im afraid of.
  6. just saw my doctor as scheduled. he first told me "you should feel the difference by now" i told him i felt some improvement four days ago and he said "well that's good news, continue pariet for 28 days and i will see you in five weeks, four weeks with treatment and the fifth week without anything" then i asked him what about my previous diagnosis he said "forget about all those" and as i expected before he concluded my visit he said "GO BACK TO NORMAL LIFE AND EAT". as i left the clinic i felt empty and confused and told myself "nobody knows myself better than me and doctors are just for advices and medicines" and i have decided not to go with his advice, im staying gluten free for the rest of my life.
  7. hi rez, thanks for your support. i also feel for your son. the blood test for h. pylori can be false negative because it happened to me, nothing was found in my blood but the biopsy revealed it. if one of your concerns right now is the h pylori why dont you discuss with your dr. if it is safe to give your son the antibiotic and proton pump inhibitor course for one week even without a positive h pylori bloodwork. i dont think it will hurt him at all, this is just my opinion. even if i dont get definite answers and all my symptoms disappear with the h pylori eradication, i think thats it, im not willing to go back to the normal diet. it was really important for me to know in the biopsy that i have no malignancy or something more serious than celiac. gluten-free is a small price to pay.
  8. Thanks for the info gfp. yeah you're right the h pylori could have triggered the celiacs in me and my other symptoms are lingering because of this infection even if im gluten free. feeling better yesterday, my tummy felt normal and the gas problems are almost gone. by the way, im a filipino and celiac is very rare in my country that's why i keep looking for answers to my confusions. anyway, even if my doctor will tell me that i have no celiacs and that its the h pylori, i will not dare go back to gluten even if he asks me for a gluten challenge. im okay with the gluten-free diet, it was really hard at first but after 1 1/2 months i have adjusted completely to this diet and everything is a normal life now, i dont wanna complicate things further just to eat pizza or whatever glutened. if my gas symptoms disappear completely then thanks God and thats it, gluten-free for life.
  9. hi rez, my EMA is normal. as mentioned in the biopsy there is no villi atrophy which means my villi is okay. im in my 4th day of antibiotics and the excessive belching is gone but still having borborygmi. my dr. said that my duodenum is receiving heavy acids from my stomach which is caused by h. pylori. the biopsy suggested gastritis and peptic duodenitis. i googled for peptic duodenitis and saw one research with a title "Celiac disease with a histological feature of peptic duodenitis" which means in the biopsy celiac can present itself as peptic diodenitis. really confused now????? anyway waiting till wednesday for my next appointment with my dr. and let me see what he has to say.
  10. dlp252, he took 4 pcs. of tissues from my duodenum and 4 pcs. from the antrum. shannon, i insisted on the biopsy because i have no signifant improvement in the gluten free and dairy free diet. my symptoms of bloating, belching, flatulence and borborygmi are still present.
  11. got diagnosed with celiac 1 1/2 months ago and been gluten free since then. the gi doctor who diagnosed me through bloodwork (positive lgA and elevated tTG) refused to do endoscopy since he said the bloodwork is more than enough. went to another gi doctor who did the endoscopy and biopsy but the results were quite confusing here's what it says: 1. antrum/stomach biopsy: gastritis, presence of h. pylori organisms(which i tested neg. 4 months ago through bloodwork done by another gi dr.) in moderate to severe amounts. no metaplasia, dysplasia and neoplasia seen. 2.duodenum biopsy: severe active duodenitis suggestive of peptic duodenitis, no parasites, NO FEATURES OF CELIAC DISEASE, no metaplasia, dysplasia and neoplasia seen. the dr. gave me a 7 day course of antibiotic, 1 gm. amoxycillin + 500 mg. clarythromycin plus a proton pump inhibitor pariet 20 mg. all twice a day. the amoxycillin contains starch of unknown source and i think im glutening myself. after the first day on antibiotics i woke up very tired even though i slept a complete 8 hrs. he told me to stick to the gluten free diet and he said he will see me in a week and tell me more. DO I REALLY HAVE CELIACS?
  12. Hi Mel, the same thing happened to me before being diagnosed with celiac. I don't know if it has something to do with celiac. The first time I had bleeding I immediately saw a GI doctor and had a colonoscopy done, he diagnosed me with internal hemorrhoids but he said it is only grade 2 and he showed me in the colonoscopy video which seems to be just like a scratch and not real hemorrhoids at all. I get the bleeding when I have D instead of C. My bleeding stopped for 3 months and came back again, so I decided to see another GI doctor who also did a colonoscopy and saw nothing but scattered erythema and diagnosed me with chronic non-specific colitis. While consulting a 3rd GI doctor (the one who diagnosed me with celiac) I told him of the bleeding, he did a digital rectal exam and told me that he felt no mass and he saw no fissure. This remained like a mystery to me but I'm still looking for answers and I am discussing it with a 4th GI doctor who did my endoscopy for celiac.
  13. This happened to me but just for a day, it is really embarassing and it feels like you have a gas factory that keeps on manufacturing gas to no end. The next day I did the lactose tolerance test which turned out positive so I eliminated dairy in my diet. The gas just magically went away. You could be lactose intolerant, try to eliminate dairy and see what happens.
  14. I myself is not convinced about my diagnosis. I saw a 4th GI doctor today who agreed to do an endoscopy and a biopsy, probably I'll get it done by Wednesday. My 3rd GI doctor diagnosed me with celiac through blood work but didn't want to do an endoscopy and said that there is no point in doing it since I have a positive IgA and an elevated tTG. Just like you my symptom is just gas, no cramps or nausea or diarrhea or whatever. I've been gluten free and lactose free for a month now with no significant reduction in belching and flatus. Since this diet is a lifetime commitment I want to be sure about it and get the gold standard of diagnosis.
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