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  1. I am pretty sure that I have celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or something like that. Unfortunately I have an HMO, which normally I never use, but the testing is expensive and I thought maybe I could convince them to cover for having it done at Enterolab. I went to my assigned doctor to see about getting a referral to have the fecal test done. He made a referral to a gastroenterologist. I am wondering if this is going to be worth the time and trouble or if I should just go ahead and pay for the test myself. I am afraid that their gastroenterologists will not know what they need to know about celiac disease and give me the run around. I don't eat much wheat now because I know it causes me trouble, but I'm not rigid so I'm sure I'm getting exposure I don't know about. It may be at least worth seeing what they have to say if there is a possibility that they will cover for the tests. Or is it more likely that they would refuse to use Enterolab and make me do some testing that won't prove anything since I don't eat much gluten. I live in Southern California, in San bernardino county. Does anyone know a good doctor in that area? If I have to I'll go outside my Hmo, but as I understand that is not necessary as you don't need a doctor's referral if you go to Enterolab. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Gayle
  2. Thank you so much for the information. I just wanted to let you know that the information has been very helpful and I think I have gotten in touch with some good people. I also wanted to let you know that the numbers for Redding, Karen Foss, (916)222-1605 and Temecula, Arlene Gibbs, (909)696-9730 are not working. So, maybe these groups do not exist anymore? Gayle
  3. I would be interested in learning about meetings in LA area. The meetings I am aware of don't meet vey often so I would like more information. Gayle
  4. I would be interested in sharing information. Gayle
  5. Hi, I believe that I have celiac disease or some type of problem with gluten. I have been reading some of the posts. I am wondering if it is necessary to even have a doctor to get diagnosed. From what I have read is it really possible to just get a stool sample done on your own without a doctor's order? When I lived in Chicago I went to the university of Chicago, they have a doctor who specializes in celiac disease and they have a program where every 6 months they do a free blood test one day for people who sign up. I did the blood test and it came back negative, and I thought that it might, because at that time I was really trying to stay off gluten. When I heard about the test I signed up and for about 6 weeks before the test I ate glutten but as I understand, you have to be eating glutten for at least 3 months before a blood test in order to get a positive result. I still seem to have problems with it and I thought that doing the stool test might be helpful. I would appreciate anyones comments on this. I would like to know if there is any particular advantage to going to a doctor or is it just as good to just get the stool test done. What good doctors are there in So. Cal? I do have an HMO, which I hate. So I suppose I would have to pay for it out of my own pocket. You know how they hate to give anyone a treatment that is not drugs and that really works. Gayle
  6. Have you ever been tested for Pyroluria? Most pyrolurics are celiac. Pyroluria has it's own set of symptoms and one of them is a peculiar body odor. Pyroluria is a genetic deficiency of B6, zinc and arachidonic acid. It was only discovered in the 1960's and therefore most people do not know that they have it,. It is easy to treat, but can ruin a person's life if it is not diagnosed. Gayle
  7. Hi, I'm new to this and I'm so glad I found this site . I actually live in Chino Hills and although it would be great to have a group close by, I am willing to travel to support groups in So. Cal. LA area is not so far, San Diego or especially San luis Obispo are getting a bit too far to go regularly. Would like to find something that meets weekly. I understand that some of the groups don't meet very often. Even Victorville or east may not be a problem, though the traffic up the 15 can make it difficult to get to Victorville area. Gayle
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