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    Appreciation of classical music, and traditional/folk music of cultures throughout the world. Enjoyment of most "world music." Appreciation of canvas art and sculpture, both modern and classical. Exploration of legal, technical, and creative writing styles; development and practice of legal research and analysis skills. Occasional dabbling in poetry composition.
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1968-1992: Born and raised in east L.A. 1992-1996: Lived in the mountains of northern California. 1996-present: Living in Fresno in central California. Have traveled outside of California! Travels include the East Coast, the South, and Mexico.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hey! I’m not “allergic” to wheat, barley, or rye; but I know that living without them takes a knack. The term “allergy” doesn’t really apply when my immune system begins its attack. I can get sensitive to other foods—so sly are my body’s defenses when they’re out of whack! I am, or have ...
  3. Hi pjmaxx,

    Thanks for letting me know about the multiple allergy support group. I joined today. Also on yahoo groups there is glutenfreefresno@yahoogroups.com also sillyyaks@yahoogroups.com . I look forward to learning more about different places in Fresno County.---Mariann

  4. A "medium" or "slight" intolerance is a curious way of describing the human body's [i]unconscious[/i] (and perhaps symptomless) allergic reaction to a substance. A test that gives such results is only a snapshot of what was going on in the body at the time the test was completed...