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  1. I order mine from the Benedictine Sisters from Clyde, Missouri. They are, I believe, the only ones that are approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to be consumed during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
  2. Since March 11 of this year I've lost about 28 pounds after going gluten free.
  3. Very well said...thanks for the information. Now that I'm gluten and casein free, I wonder if I'm harming the rest of my family's health by allowing them to eat the stuff.
  4. You're welcome. I checked the label for Smart Balance Light and it looks like it's both dairy and gluten free. I was starting to get bummed 'cause I love da butter!
  5. No, once the doctor got the blood test results back for celiac (which I forgot to mention) and saw that they were negative, I think he put that out of his mind. It was after reading a lot that I decided to go gluten free on my own. He did prescribe Bentyl to help the pain - which did absolutely nothing.
  6. I originally had a CAT scan (negative) and a colonoscopy in March - the colonoscopy turned up a few benign polyps. However, the pain was still evident. I've been gluten free since March 12 and have lost 16 pounds. The pain in my lower left abdomen went alway almost immediately. One day a few weeks ago after having 3 cups of coffee I had really bad pain. At that point I stopped drinking coffee and any residual pain subsided the next day. My BM's have normalized as well. I started going casein free about a week and a half ago.
  7. I noticed while reading the ingredients for Smart Balance that it contains whey - so I would include this in the "contains dairy" category as well.
  8. Thanks! I got a response from Enterolab regarding the casein:
  9. Thanks. I did send them an email yesterday. It's nice to know there's a wealth of information out there - if you know where to look!
  10. Hi, I recently obtained my results from Enterolab and here are my results:
  11. I've recently been diagnosed (by Enterolab) as having a gluten intolerance. During communion I use the hosts by the Benedictine Sisters from Clyde, MO. For the record, the host has to have at least some wheat in it to be considered valid. A quote from the Benedictine Sisters website read:
  12. Yes - I stopped drinking about a week ago and have noticed a tremendous decrease in the pain in the left side of my gut. I started drinking tea in the morning and haven't missed the coffee a bit.
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