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    We're a blended family w/6 kids, ages 5-21 (and the poster children for poor family planning, evidently!)<br>I'm an ER nurse<br>We're into the kid's sports (football, basketball) and family time
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. nurse diesel


    I'm so sorry...I don't know how my tag line got added to the end of someone else's post! I'm new at this blog thing, too, and was just trying to add my 2cents worth. I agree it's probably a good idea to play it safe with any products we put on our bodies. I don't know if it coincidental or not...
  3. nurse diesel


    [quote name='mytummyhurts' date='Jul 22 2005, 05:13 PM']I don't know if this reply is going to be e-mailed to you or not. I'm still getting used to this blog thing. I'm going to go gluten free on every product that may even possibly get near my mouth. I haven't had any skin issues yet. But I...
  4. Hi, and welcome! Oh, honey, it's all so new but you'll find your way. My suggestion to any new diagnosis is read everything and take bits of each and incorporate them into your own lifestyle. The health food stores and advertised gluten-free foods are a great start. Just keep an open...