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  1. Sandi


    Tom's Party is over, I'm glad and it seemed to go ok? Everyone liked it I was good too at the dinner, I didnt have time to eat anything lol BUt Some of the respones I received from my test results here and somewhere else, t hey said that I wasnt gluten-free, So they made me think I was not GS...
  2. Sandi

    My Test Results

    I was suprpised to see them early This is them i am confused a little about it. it doesnt sound like its really bad, but I sure get sick when I eat gluten I am hoping someone can explain it a little better later sandi EnteroLab www.enterolab.com ------------------------------------...
  3. Sandi


    I can't beleive how fist I havea reaction now!~!! Without thinking at a after school party I grabed some pretzels and ate them, with in the hour i was sick, rash on top of head and other S+S I still dont feel right Came home to a letter from my mamogram place, got really scared cause they dont...
  4. Sandi


    is Jace's Grad. It is hard to know where all the time went He just started K there and now he is leaving the school as a 9th grader After we are going to Bennihanna, I dont know what I will do there to eat, Its where he wants to go if I cant get anything, I will just order rice! After the grad...
  5. Sandi

    Blood Tests

    yesterday got my blood work from the dr He didnt tell me much, I will edit this when I get a copy from him and add the results. All he said was my chol. was ok 209 FBS was 108 and and I am barely allergic to egg whites and yolk. I wonder if he did the celiac tests too, cause he doesn't beleive...
  6. I am so tired today, being in that school, was too hot But I stuck to my double D diet (Celiac and diet) For b/fast I had 3 eggs and for Lunch, 2 wendy side salads and for supper 2 chicken breasts and veggies. My arms still have that burning feeling and my back hurt a bit today Tomorrow I go...
  7. Sandi


    I am finally starting to feel better, I am not so bloated now, and Almost not Nausea. I am trying hard to be gluten free and I think I am doing good, But I have to learn to think about it more, Like today I went to subway and just got a salad and didn't ask if the chicken was ok, I think I had...
  8. Sandi


    wasnt a good day I had the tests and the way the techs looked and acted I think something is wrong maybe the bleeding isnt just the change of life I am praying nothing is wrong
  9. Sandi


    [quote name='Mosaics' date='Jun 11 2007, 05:37 AM']Not all soy sauces have gluten. If you become familiar with the ones that are gluten-free, you can just ask what kind the restaurant uses. Or you can ask them to look at, or let you look at the ingredients on the bottle.[/quote] Thank you...
  10. Sandi


    Yesterday was good! It was a nice day, andJace was so happy. He even won some awards for Grad. I didnt have any cake/ cookies after and they had some almonds in candy thingy i had 2 and a glass of diluted ice tea. At Benihanna I had white rice, and steak, I asked for no soy sause and Ice cream...
  11. Sandi

    Walk A Thon Day

    Today was the day I ran the Walk a Thon for my son's school. It wasn't hot so that was good, But I did cheat. I had a Hot dog with a bun and right away the burning on my arms and feet and pain in the left side, I dont know why I do this to my self. Well, Endolab received my stuff, so now...
  12. Sandi

    Another Day

    I got my stuff to UPs for Endolab I am so glad it is done with now the wait! I have been really good about being gluten free I am sneaking some cream in my coffee and today I had a egg and my arms are burning sligthly maybe I am just casin? I dont know any more The Dr visit yesterday was...
  13. Sandi

    Well, This Is A First

    I have decided to do a blog, never did one before and I am not sure I will keep up with it, but I will try. I doubt anyone will want to read it, but thats ok too I need to be able to think allowed right now and so this is it lol I was dx about 3-4 years ago. I had to find waht was wrong with me...