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I'm a glutant

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  1. I've been cleaning their faces with a wipe, at the party right after they eat -- but I haven't done a more thorough face wash with soap once we get home. Come to think of it, maybe they just both need to go straight to the bath whenever we first get home, instead of waiting until almost bedtime...
  2. Great ideas - I will try the gloves and smocks. I really appreciate the suggestions! You are so right about the "no fun" -- the number of times they've been banging on the bathroom door, and no mommy REALLY can't come out right this minute! Ha. :-P
  3. I know this isn't strictly a question about managing a Celiac child, but I thought I'd post here because this is where the parents are. I have Celiac myself, and I'm very sensitive to even tiny amounts of cross-contamination. I keep a completely gluten-free house. But I have toddlers, age...