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  1. mstroud

    Doctor Won't Confirm

    I agree that it sounds like she has positive test results and I don't understand why the doctor would hesitate to diagnose her. My son was 7 when he was diagnosed and his results were on the 'mild' side as well. He had definite symptoms (abdominal pain, dark circles, pain in his legs / joints) and they told us that his biopsy results showed early signs of celiac disease and his blood results were 'low positive.' They diagnosed him, but did say that his results were probably on the low side because we caught it early. He did have the genetic test and it came back positive as well.
  2. mstroud

    When Teachers Don't Understand Celiac Kids

    Grace's Mom, Big hugs to your daughter ... I just about cried reading your post! My oldest son was 7 when he was diagnosed and the first months were the hardest. The end of the year is extra tough with all of the parties and summer birthdays they celebrate. It's so disappointing that your daughter's teacher handled the cake situation like that! I would absolutely tell the principal exactly how you feel and what happened ... hopefully they can pair her with a more compassionate teacher next year!!! One thing we did when my son was newly diagnosed was to host a party ... a 100 % gluten free party where he could have every item on every table. We had chips, guac, and salsa, made tacos, gluten-free brownies and ice cream for dessert. I think that helped a lot and we try very hard whenever we have people over to make sure he can have 90% of what is offered. We do have a gluten-free house now (except some of my husband's breads and cereal) which has helped a lot, but that's also because we now have 4 out of 5 family members eating gluten free!! I am so sorry that your daughter is going through such a tough time. It sounds like you're working hard to help her have her own treats / foods when you're out!! It will get better!! Margaret
  3. mstroud

    Bread Please!

    We gave up on the frozen gluten free breads and make our own using the Pamela's mix. My 3 sons (3,6, and 9) eat it and love it! It's not crumbly and keeps for days without drying out! We go through a loaf a week, but you could easily make it and then freeze half of it in slices to use later.
  4. I, too, think it's wonderful that you're so concerned about your grandchild and helping keep her healthy! My parents live 3 1/2 hours away so it's a little different from your situation. They bought a new cutting board, toaster, and a pasta strainer (all easy ways to get cross contamination) and only bring them out when we come to town. We do use their metal pots and certain skillets (not the cast iron) without problem. When we get to town, I'll clean a section of the counter and it stays gluten free while we're there. Maybe you could find one part of your counters that could stay gluten free so you don't have to worry as much about cleaning them all the time. And, I like the suggestion of making one cupboard gluten free ... pots, pans, snacks, etc. There are a lot of gluten-free snacks for children that age which are easy to find (tons of ideas on this forum) and it's pretty simple to make any child's favorite meal gluten free! It all take a little time to learn what foods are safe and working with your son and DIL it'll all get figured out soon! Good luck!
  5. There are a couple shopping guides that list Gluten Free products. I used one called Cecelia's Marketplace (http://www.ceceliasmarketplace.com/) when we got started almost two years ago. It was a life saver! I found that I could buy special pastas, bread mixes, crackers and such at a store like Whole Foods and then shop at my local grocery store for the mainstream foods like pasta sauce, yogurts, chips, and such to safe money. They also email you (if you sign up on their site) when a product changes or loses it's gluten-free status after testing. Good luck!
  6. I haven't tried any recipes in my Zojirushi from scratch, but I do use the Pamela's gluten-free bread mix. I make at least one loaf a week and it comes out perfectly every time! I put it on the Memory 1 setting or I set it to back over night ... both come out great! I've also used the Gluten Free pantry bread mix and that comes out very nicely. I think I just prefer the Pamela's because it seems to keep better without getting crumbly. Good luck!
  7. mstroud

    My First Issue With The School

    I think that calling principal is a good idea ... I really don't see what the big deal is about leaving a few minutes early to heat up a lunch! But, maybe the compromise is that she brings a lunch on the days that doesn't need heating when there is a guest speaker and is allowed to leave early the other days. My sons don't have access to a microwave and I wish they did! Every now and again he brings a hot lunch and the thermos doesn't keep it hot for very long. Good luck to you!!
  8. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post any website names, but I order my break mix (the Pamela's bread mix) through Amazon and get the subscription to it so it comes automatically once a month. It brings the price down significantly (down to around $3.75 a bag). I have 3 children and we all eat gluten free so we go through a lot of bread! Good luck!
  9. mstroud


    Here is the response that I received from Cecelia's Marketplace about Yogos, fruit snacks, and other items .... Thank you for contacting Cecelia
  10. I believe Reeses PB cups are gluten free, but there are a couple that have special shapes (like the small holiday bell shapes) that have gluten in them. Did you eat a 'normal' Reeses cup??
  11. mstroud


    This is the Kellogg nutrition statement about gluten and wheat ... it does sound like a CYA comment, but at least it's honest! __________________ Which of your products is gluten- or wheat-free? At this time, we do not offer products suitable for consumers on a gluten- or wheat-free diet. All of our products are produced in facilities that also manufacture wheat-containing products. We cannot guarantee that any products are 100% gluten- or wheat-free. Kellogg's
  12. mstroud


    Yesterday I read on the 'gluten free foods, products, shopping, and medication' section of this forum that Kellogg Yogos and Kellogg Fruit snacks are not longer gluten free. Here's a link to the thread (if the link doesn't work, it's the "Celcelia's Gluten Free Product Alert" thread). http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/index.php?showtopic=62962 I know my 5 year old was eating Yogos 2-3 times a week as a treat until last week when I decided he was getting to many treats. There are a lot of items on the list ... they are items that were listed as gluten-free in Cecelia's Marketplace shopping guide, but have now been tested and considered not gluten-free. Just thought I'd pass the info along to others who might give them to your kids as a treat.
  13. mstroud

    My Heart Is Breaking

    I'm sorry your daughter was sad about being different! My sons (8 and 5) are very good about being gluten-free, but do feel left out every now and again! I had a wonderful experience with my son's preschool last year. I emailed a list of gluten-free snacks and she ended up writing a letter to the parents saying that there was a student who is gluten-free in the class and, while it is not mandatory, it would be nice to have him included in snack when possible. There were so many times when parents emailed me to see if he could have certain foods or alerted me to what special snack they were sending in for a birthday or party. I even had two moms make an entirely gluten-free Halloween party so my son wouldn't feel left out. So, while I'm not trying to brag about his experience in preschool, I do feel like many parents will try to provide gluten-free snacks if they are aware of the need and what to send. Maybe if they know to bring yoplait yogurt instead of dannon, cool ranch instead of the nacho, tortilla chips, certain puddings, fresh fruits, string cheese, etc they would see it can be easy to include her. Also, do you have a box of back up snacks at school in case someone brings in cookies for a snack or something that might make her jealous? I agree with the poster who said that a little teacher education would help. Our assistant teacher last year knew to call to double check a snack and see if he could have it. Good luck! I hope the rest of her year goes well!
  14. mstroud

    Eight Months Gluten Free And Still Issues?

    My 8 year old son continued to have stomach pain a year after he went gluten free. I finally took him off of corn and it helped a lot. He can have corn starch or meal in things such as Glutino pretzels, but I really try to keep him off of tortilla chips, corn, and limit the amount of corn based cereal he has (Corn Chex, etc). It really did help a lot and was pretty immediate! Whatever the culprit is ... I hope you figure it out! Good luck!
  15. mstroud

    Updating My Candy List Before Halloween Gets Here

    I don't have much to add, but I do believe that Airhead EXTREMES have wheat in them. I almost bought them for my children once and happened to check the ingredients ... wheat flour was listed twice. I think the airheads are okay. Last year I gave my children the miniatures (not the krackles with rice krispies in them) and I'm pretty sure they made them sick. I guess it's either a cross contamination thing (in the bag or on the lines). The only other thing I have to add is to be careful of the special holiday shapes of some candy that might normally be gluten-free. I know I've seen wheat or malt in Reeses cup in special shapes last year (bells at Christmas time I believe). Just a thought!