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  1. Hi there! I'm 29, female, diagnosed almost ten years ago with Ulcerative Colitis that was upgraded to Crohn's Disease and now my GI says that it's still Crohn's based on the biopsies for grannuloma but mostly it's in my colon. My dad has MS and a bunch of GI problems that he won't get checked out...
  2. My doc gave me Zofram for nausea as well as Librax for stomach cramping. I never hurl but when I was starting to notice certain symptoms of Celiac's arising, I was getting really nauseaous and heaving after cereal in the morning. And I'd think, "Cereal?! What's easier on the stomach than cereal...
  3. There is a Mimi's Cafe in Beavercreek, Ohio at The Greene and they are very tasty. I have not been back since I went gluten free but they will send you an e-mail attachment with gluten-free menu items. They are so detailed they even tell you how to order things (broiled not blackened, corn tortillas...