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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. I know this is very late, but thank you for posting this because I needed to know!
  2. I am just wondering how often everyone checks their numbers to see how they are doing. Should it be often? every 3 months? or once a year? How often does everyone think they got glutened even though they are very careful? Is it true that every time you get glutened you reverse all the work that you've done since going gluten free? Does getting glutened cause cancer? I am sooooooooo careful and every once and a while I feel like I was glutened Like right now I have a sharp pain in my upper abdomen. what is that?! thanks
  3. I just tried the applegate farm chicken nuggets and they tasted so good I was afraid that they put the regular ones in my gluten free box by accident!
  4. I have been 7 months gluten free. The past 7 months have had its up and downs. The occasional "whoops!" or the " Im not feeling right" But for the past 2 weeks I have been feeling off in my stomach. And to top it off this morning I had Diarreah. I never get that. It wasnt even a symptom of mine before I was diagnosed. A month ago my gastro told me to go lactose free for 2 weeks because I was complaining that I felt off again. Since my ttg numbers were 4, he said it couldnt be gluten so he told me to go dairy free. I never did because I didnt think that dairy ever affected me at all. Could I have become lactose intolerant this late after going gluten free? Or maybe I just have a stomach bug? This is what I ate yesterday. Breakfast: gluten-free corn flakes, milk, banana Snack: Black grapes Lunch: Homemade Sweet potato-peanut bisque(sweet potatos, peanut butter, extra virgin olive oil, onions, ginger, garlic, gluten free veggie broth and gluten free veggie juice) Fresh spinach with Kraft balsamic. orange. Dinner: small piece of plain chicken with pepper, small peice of steak, carrots Dessert: gluten-free Coconut macaroons with milk. Now I ususally have milk everyday so to get diarreah this monring is weird. Could it have been something else? I cant think of anything else that I introduced into my diet that would be different. Maybe Im just crazy!
  5. Frustrated

    Thanks, Ive been gluten free since February...So Im not sure if thats long or not. I know my numbers for my ttg are really low (4)...so my doctor said Im def. staying away from gluten. As for the dairy, it doesnt seem to bother me(at least I dont think!) haha maybe I dont want it to. I love milk, yogurt, cheese! so who knows. I did do the food diary for a while and then stopped, maybe ill try it again!
  6. Frustrated

    Does anyone ever experience getting glutened and not knowing where it came from?!? I wish we had a self blood tester so we could see if our numbers are up after we feel glutened so that we can narrow down what the culprit was! Anyway, I have had a headache for days and I dont know if I was glutened or Im just sick! Thats another thing I get frustrated about. Everytime I feel off I blame it on gluten but Im not even sure if thats what it is. If I had an allergy or intolerance to something else, like corn, soy, dairy, casein...whatever it may be...what it do damage like celiac, or would it just be something that happens and its my decision whether I want to deal with the side affects? Thanks for the help.
  7. So good news! my Ttg came back 4! and my stool study came back normal! yay...so now I will have to keep it up!
  8. Thanks for the note ...there are many Christians on the site -and it's very nice to know there are many people out there who believe what you believe!

  9. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  10. So I bought Orgran(The Australian company) buckwheat pancake mix. I was very excited and they tasted great. But I felt sick a couple hours after I ate them. I let it go because quite frankly Im getting sick of freaking out about getting glutened. I had some for breakfast the next morning and a couple hours later again felt sick. So im thinking it was them?! The only other thing could be some quinoa pasta salad my mom made for me. Everything in it was gluten free. But the next day she said she wasnt sure if she used the same spoon to mix the pasta's. (she was making non gluten free pasta salad as well and used a wooden spoon for both, but she wasnt 100% sure if she did that or not.) So, ironically I had my 6 month doctors appt with my gastro yesterday for blood work to check my numbers. I explained everything to him and now hes doing a stool study on me. He always says hes not worried about me because of what he saw in my colonoscopy and endoscopy. He said everything looked perfect except for the fact that my villi were somewhat damaged to show evidence of celiac. So, sorry for all the info but im thinking, what else could it be?! grr, a little frustrated...thanks for listening!
  11. Thank you all for your responses...Maybe I was a bit hard on myself, but I got nervous lol. My husband said the same thing as you guys and he doesnt even have celiac. I was just nervous that if I make too many mistakes that it will hurt me in the long run. But I do appreciate everyones responses. So I slapped myself on the forehead and I will try not to do it again!
  12. So, As a rule I just dont drink. I dont like the taste of alcohol so I figure why drink something that I think tastes bad. So I was over a friends house last night and she made a mixed drink of some kind. And she asked me to taste it. Me not thinking at all took a little sip. I said mmm it tastes like a jolly rancer! Then I found out it had beer in it. How bad is this? you can tell me the truth I can handle it lol. I know it was irresponsible of me totally. I dont know what I was thinking. So...whats the verdict?
  13. haha, thank you both! I will eat the chips with love now! thanks for the responses and now I know about 5 ppm!
  14. So Ive been eating these chocolate chips because I saw they said gluten free. Then one day I was studying the package and noticed that it said less than five ppm. Are they still safe to eat or shall I find other chocolate chips?
  15. Everything I ate I had made myself. And theres NO gluten in this house! haha...The fiber is a once and a while thing Like when Im feeling like I cant go...So im guessing it was that(but it was only 5 grams thats why I was confused) It has let up and I am fine today so I do feel better! thank you guys!