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  1. Mrs. Smith

    Afternoon Fatigue

    I agree and if you have any deficiencies, such as Iron, Magnesium or B12 you will get fatigue and muscle aches. I thought...
  2. This bread is so fantastic tasting, but Ive noticed it makes me a little gassy? Anyone else? Ive only had the whole grain...
  3. Mrs. Smith

    Help Me! :o

    Thank you so much that really helped alot!! I think I really just over do it sometimes. I love to find new foods so much...
  4. Mrs. Smith

    Anyone Have Problems With Quinoa?

    I have recently figured out that too much of any food besides meat and veggies is not a good thing. It overloads our...
  5. Mrs. Smith

    Help Me! :o

    I have been Gluten-Free 1 year and I am having some issues with fructose and inulin. The whole topic is so confusing...
  6. I use the pancake mix for pancakes and the flour for everything else!
  7. I improved quite slowly in the first few months. I will be 1yr gluten free on New Years Day and my symptoms are completely...
  8. So one year gluten free after all was ruled out and celiac was determined by my dr and I through no real medical testing...
  9. Mrs. Smith

    Predisone - Refractory Sprue - Lupus

    Have you been diagnosed with refractory sprue? You say you started Gluten-Free diet in june as in 5 months ago? I dont...
  10. Im doing my first Thanksgiving this year. Im just gonna make everything Gluten-Free and not say anything. Its such a...
  11. Mrs. Smith

    Having A Bad Day...

    Youre doing great! I remember being starving too. Your body is finally ready to abosorb those nutrients!! Its a good...
  12. Yes!! I cannot eat dairy. I have tested this theory on myself many times and it goes away everytime I quit dairy. I also...
  13. Pamelas gives me the poopies too. It has buttermilk in it. That may be why. I like Bob's Red Mill. They are yummy and...
  14. Mrs. Smith

    Has Anyone Else Experienced This?

    If you have been constipated, it could be as simple as a hemroid. See your doctor just in case.
  15. Mrs. Smith

    Beginning Basics

    Edited that sentence cuz I want to support eachother not argue. Much appologies.