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  1. Switch2GF

    Gluten Free Fat Burners

    I spoke with a supplement company called Syntrax a month ago about their products being gluten free. I ordered some protein, and they also sent my some samples of Fyre (a fat burner). I have yet to try it. I assume it is gluten free since we discussed gluten free in depth. I just reviewed the ingredients and they all are natural, so it should be gluten free. I'll try to remember to give an update when I try it.
  2. Switch2GF

    Whey Protein Shake

    Check out Nectar by a company called Syntrax. I've been using Nectar for a month and love it! No stomach issues. Also, it is by far the best tasting protein I've tried, and I've tried many through years of bodybuilding. I got it in individual packets, so I make them anywhere I can get water. I just got a 40% off coupon code from a friend who's dad works there, if anyone wants to order with it.
  3. Switch2GF

    How To Gain Weight

    Great advise has been given so far... protein shakes, peanut butter... and more protein and carbs. Personally, I like brown rice since it doesn't take much to add up the calories and carbs... add some cheese! You just need to be taking in more calories than you are burning each day. 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight is really for gaining muscle, but will help in this situation. Protein shakes can be a huge help since you can eat them anywhere at any time. Add in a shake or two per day. Make it with milk and peanut butter- I'd bet it doubles your daily caloric intake. There are lots of bodybuilding/weight gainers out there. BUT be careful and check directly with the manufacturer to ensure that it is gluten free. I have a friend who works for Syntrax who has a weight gainer protein. They assure that it is gluten free. PM me, I may be able to obtain a coupon code if you/anyone wants.
  4. Unless you have some other serious unknown problem, your body is just like anyone else's when it comes to weight. Calorie intake vs. calories burned. Your current diet looks really healthy and depending on your portions, you could be at a calorie deficit. It seems a lot of people lose weight when going gluten free, 'cause they don't know what to eat and consciously watch everything they are eating carefully. Once I figured out exactly what I could eat again, I kept my weight or gained some. I'd try tracking your calories for a week and see where you really are. Maybe add in some brown rice to get some more carbs.
  5. Switch2GF

    Test Say Positive/No Symptoms ?

    A couple weeks later... I'll reiterate, YES I'd suggest an endoscopy also, just to be 100% sure. I didn't show ANY symptoms when I was 19, but was tested because it runs in my family and my sister was just diagnosed. It took a few years, but my symptoms finally showed. In the mean time, my body was not healthy and I was promoting cancer. I'd get him adjusted to the gluten free diet now rather than waiting until he is in bad shape and has symptoms.
  6. Switch2GF

    Gluten "Foggy Brain"

    I didn't have the typical stomach symptoms of celiac. Long story short: I was diagnosed while in college, but due to enjoying the college life, I never stuck with the gluten free diet. A few years later when my life slowed down, I realized something wasn't right. I was tired all the time, very forgetful, not in a good mood, and lethargic. I almost thought I was depressed. "Brain fog" is rarely listed as a symptom of celiac. One day I ran across this symptom and looked into it. I decided it was time to go 100% gluten free. About a month into it, I started to feel "awake" again. A few months later, I was back to "normal." Every once in a while if I get glutened, I find myself just doing stupid things. It is a true symptom and does get better when you stick to the diet.
  7. Switch2GF

    Gluten Withdrawal

    Lots of good questions in this thread. Have you tried pills before? There is no pill for celiac or gluten. Eating gluten free is the only prescription. This all depends on the condition of the person's intestines and body. Your intestines will heal over time if you are 100% gluten free. The length of time could be 3 months to years. My intestines were only mildly damaged and I was not having the typical stomach symptoms. I was told that my intestines would heal in 3 to 6 months. I noticed a difference in how I felt daily in about a month, but could tell I was back to "normal" in about 6 months. Someone like my dad or sister who were in really bad shape can take a long time. Since their bodies weren't taking in all the nutrients for years, they developed other problems. Although, their intestines may have healed, and stomach symptoms were gone in a few months, other problems too longer. Stick with it... feeling better will be the biggest motivator of all!
  8. Switch2GF

    Too Much Fruit?

    I think we all can agree with that statement of "gluten free food doesn't taste good." At first, this is usually the case. Stick with it. gluten-free food quality has come a long way in the past couple of years and is still getting better. I continually preach to "go back to the basics." Stick with your fruit... but maybe not as much. Add in some vegetables and meat. Stick with fruits, veggies, rice, and unprocessed meats for a while. Once you start to feel better and crave more food, then add in more. Take it only as fast as you learn and are confident with eating.
  9. is on a gluten free weight loss diet. 17lbs in 5 weeks- going for 30lbs in 12 weeks!

  10. Switch2GF

    Bodybuilders Diet Advice Please

    I love Nectar protein by Syntrax. They claim to be the best tasting protein on the market, and I concur on all of their flavors. Nectar is 23g protein, 0g carbs, 0g sugar, 0g fat, so it is great for a weight loss or healthy diet. If you are looking to put on weight they offer a few other options, which I have not tried. I have friends who have tried their other products and also rave about the taste. A while back, I spoke with Syntrax and they gave me a 40% off coupon code for gluten free people. Send me a message or email and I'll get you that code.
  11. Switch2GF

    Las Vegas--where To Eat On The Strip?

    When I am in Vegas, every day for lunch I eat at Chipotle! You always know you are going to get great food and it is gluten free. It is located next to Harrahs in the middle of the Strip. (sorry to bring up an old topic... I searched for Vegas)
  12. Switch2GF

    gluten-free Iphone App

    Does this App have to be connected to the internet to use it? I have an iPod Touch, but no iPhone. I guess there is a chance some grocery stores have a cafe and wifi.
  13. Switch2GF

    Curious About This

    I called the blood work a first screening, because, like you know, it really can't be used to officially diagnose celiac, but it is a good start. You will have to eat gluten the days prior to the blood work, so that they have some antibody to look for. If you weren't eating gluten, then the test would show up negative because your body isn't fighting gluten. If your test came back positive or really inconclusive, then you follow up with an endoscopy. Start with the blood work, cause I wouldn't want to put myself through an endoscopy if I didn't have to(not b/c it is hard, just inconvenient to devote a day towards it and can be costly) Good luck and keep us updated!
  14. Just saw this... Thank you!

  15. Switch2GF

    Curious About This

    Eating gluten free is an extremely healthy way to live... celiac or not! There are lots of people who adopt the diet just for the benefits. You are cutting out a lot of unhealthy and/or processed foods and thinking twice about everything you eat. My guess is NO, you don't have celiac, but are just getting the healthy benefits from eating a healthy diet. If you really want to know, go have a blood test done. Blood work is not a 100% diagnosis, but at least a first screening to whether you should dig deeper(PUN ) and have an endoscopy.