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  1. With resources like Gluten-Free Mall, Amazon an many of the gluten-free manufacturers available online, why worry about where you live based on your status? Go where you find the best job offers and adjust your gluten-free lifestyle appropriately. SF, SJ and pennisula area are good for gluten-free but also have 24/7 lifestyle bonuses that have nothing to to with gluten-free. It depends on what you want and are habituated to. I have cousin in NY that moved to SF to be with her friends from high school. She thought the Bay Area was boring and moved back to NYC. Go figure.... I know people
  2. California, Oregon and Washington provide good overall access to gluten-free shopping and have the widest variety of fresh produce in my experience. My experience in Colorado has been hit-and-miss depending on location. British Columbia, even small towns, have markets and healthfood stores with gluten-free products. Right now, my planning concerns for travel are a 5-day professional symposium in Las Vegas. I've resigned myself to schlepping everything I eat to avoid exposures, so my travel has been drastically cut back if it's a fly-in location. I'm currently in Shawnee, KS (KC metr
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