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  1. I will follow these replies with great interest. The same thing has happened to me. I have had DH since i was a child...
  2. declan


    I could not get dapsone here in Spain (after 15 years on Dapsone). I was panicking. Eventually i was prescribed "colchicine...
  3. declan

    Dh On My Tongue?

    Yes, one of the worse memories of my childhood was having blisters on my tongue and inside my lower lip. A child cannot...
  4. declan

    Does This Look Like Dh?

    No, does not look like mind did either, but not everyone is the same. declan
  5. declan

    Dh On My Scalp

    I am so glad for you Very many of us know the joy of finding out what is wrong and finding a solution. Good luck. ...
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  7. declan

    Do I Really Have Dh?

    What a clear and detailed description you give! I have DH; until now, this year, i have always reacted when i don
  8. declan


    I don
  9. Thank you. At the very least you made me realize how lucky i am, i have a very very mild form of DH. I will look...
  10. I have had itching since i was a small child, horrible time, i don