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    Andalucia, Spain

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I�m now 65. I always remember having DH. At 17 i was diagnosed by a Doctor in Concord, New Hampshire. Then i was treated by 12 Sulphapyridine tablets a day. Moved back to Europe.

When they stopped making Sulphapyridine i started on Dapsone. Mistakenly given a very high of dapsone for several years, no severe effects except on the pocket. In 2000, i reduced the dose myself to 50 mg a day.

I moved to Spain in 2004, no problem getting dapsone till April this year. In July a specialist told me to go to this specific pharmacist in M�laga (about an hour away from where i live), saved, got the tablets i need. Now i seem to be able to get by on 100 mg a week.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!