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  1. hippo33

    How Long

    i do follow a gluten free diet but im so sensitive to it i probably break out from breathing it lol.when there are products...
  2. i have had dh for 7 years now and diagnosed resently,i started 50 mg of dapsone for 3 days now and still breaking out...
  3. hippo33

    How Long

    i am woundering how long it could take to get results from dapsone its been 3 days now and still breaking out could it...
  4. hippo33


    hello, ive been reading that some people have break outs from non gluten foods like milk and almons,im just woundering...
  5. hippo33

    Topical Dapsone

    hi i was just wondering what dairy and gluten have in common because sometimes i think im 100 percent gluten free then...
  6. hippo33


    ive had dh for 7 years now and i they finally realised what it was,the doc started me on dapsone yesterday,25mg i personaly...
  7. hippo33


    thanks for the info,my problem is that ive been on the diet for 6 months and i still get it prety bad,there are little...
  8. hippo33


  9. hippo33


    can anyone tell me if dh goes away after time on dapsone,will i eventually be able to eat gluten
  10. hippo33


    if my skin condition eventualy goes away when im on dopsone for a while will i still have to go gluten free
  11. i have diagnosed myself with dh i dont have the stomach troubles but people ask me if it is celiac i dont know what to...
  12. does monster energy drink have gluten in it
  13. it says contains no artificial colours,preservatives,sweetners,dairy or wheat,yeast . the main ingredients are glucosamine...
  14. i was woundering if glucosamine sulfate can aggravate dh it seams that since i took it a few days ago ive been breaking...