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  1. mediaseth

    Hi- New To Celiacs And New To Forum- South Of Boston

    Mtndog, I'm also on the North Shore and while the first time I ate at Uno's in Swampscott I was fine, the second time...
  2. mediaseth

    Gluten Free Mexican

    I've had better luck with Mexican than Chinese places. QDoba and Chipotle are good. There are a couple of independent...
  3. mediaseth

    How About New Jersey?

    I grew up in Wayne, in North Jersey and although I don't live there anymore, I'm down there often enough to make checking...
  4. mediaseth

    ? For Vegetarian Celiacs

    I was vegetarian for eighteen years before being forced to go gluten-free. I was lactose intolerant for about ten years...
  5. mediaseth

    Eating At A Chinese Restaurant

    It's funny, but I was buying SAN-J Tamari wheat free soy sauce since before even the thought of having a gluten intolerance...
  6. mediaseth

    Cross Contamination In Bars

    Sean, I see you are in NYC. A lot of places there carry Bard's beer as well. It's a little heavier and more of a "micro...
  7. I had them for the first time today and rather like them. But, I purchased mine in Massachusetts, so I guess I'm ok.
  8. mediaseth

    What Do You Do When Your Starving?

    This is all great advice for people who carry bags and women with purses. I never got into the man-purse thing, though...
  9. I'll be excited when there are vegetarian gluten-free burgers and dogs. I'm happy about places with gluten-free pasta...
  10. They have a great neighborhood association and they've done a really good job cleaning up and beautifying the pond. I...
  11. Thanks, Gemini! You may want to check out http://lynnhappens.com and http://dtlna.org . Both are sites I maintain...
  12. mediaseth

    Cross Contamination In Bars

    You might have to look out for places where people have spilled their beer, or places that don't wash their glasses,...
  13. mediaseth

    What Do You Do When Your Starving?

    I'm 34, gluten free maybe four months now, and still trying to work on that. My last all-night bender in NYC was the...
  14. mediaseth

    Nebo Enoteca - Boston Ma (pizza)

    I live just north of Boston and turned down going there because I don't think it's right to charge a whole $4 more for...
  15. mediaseth

    Test Results

    Good luck. I'm thinking about switching doctors after my experience. She said my test came back negative and that I can...