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    Community Building and neighborhood revitalization, city and regional politics, writing, higher education, wine, being healthy, good gluten-free food, music, my niece and nephews and their parents, running, dancing, reading, life...
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  1. esammarie

    Not Just What You Eat But Where

    I am so glad to hear someone else had this experience and I love your boss's decree! Thank you so much for sharing. It...
  2. esammarie

    Not Just What You Eat But Where

    Oh, that's really good to know! I will look into it. Thank you so much!
  3. Welcome to this scary yet comforting and healing place called "I have celiac disease!" I was diagnosed only a month ago...
  4. esammarie

    Funny Gluten Joke

    This is very funny! Thanks for sharing it!
  5. Three times now, since going gluten-free after the diagnosis of DH and celiac, my "plague" or DH has erupted after eating...
  6. esammarie

    Fibromyalgia - Savella

    I've had fibromyalgia since 1988 and was diagnosed with celiac disease with dermatitis herpetiformis last month. For...
  7. esammarie

    Good Dermatologist In Atlanta

    My DH was discovered by the Physician Assistant Sheila Mayo in the Dermatology dept. at Emory Clinic - Clifton Road....
  8. esammarie

    Does Dh Ever Go Away?

    I'm with you; the pathophysiology of DH is quite interesting. There are some great online discussions to check out -...
  9. esammarie

    I Wore A Dress Today!

    How fabulous!!!! It is worth bragging about. The rash, which I call Plague, can look terrible and make you feel worse...
  10. esammarie

    The Bad News Keeps Rolling In.

    Oh my goodness!!! I am so sorry you are going through this! Autoimmune diseases definitely are linked. If you have one...
  11. Welcome! I, too, am new to this. Just diagnosed a few weeks ago. I too, have felt depressed and anxious but have been...
  12. esammarie

    The Dh Rash

    Yes, that certainly does sound like DH. I have it - confirmed by biopsy of perilesional skin and all positive antibody...
  13. esammarie

    Trouble With Kinnikinnick Donuts

    I share the concern about the amount of sugar and carbs, especially from legume flours that can cause gas and bloating...
  14. Thanks, friends, for all of your advice and support. I decided to have the endoscopic exam and I am glad I did because...
  15. esammarie

    Is This A Dh Blister?

    I am really lucky. I went to the dermatologist after my primary doctor didn't know what this recurring rash was. I've...