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  1. JustLovely9216

    What Is Your Daily Diet?

    Breakfast: Peanut butter apple with skim milk, egg muffins (toss chopped veggies/meat/cheese into a muffine tin and toppped...
  2. JustLovely9216

    "you Look Run-Down"

    I've heard from several family members (not my hubby...go figure) that I've lost too much weight, I look sickly, tired...
  3. JustLovely9216

    Fruits And Vegetables!

    This wrappers are absolute genious and I am making them this weekend...all of them...every single one you all have mentioned...
  4. JustLovely9216

    No Symptoms After Glutening

    It took me a while to figure it out too. I was so used to a little bloating here, a cramp there...that a slight discomfort...
  5. JustLovely9216

    New Celiac

    Everyone here has given great advice! I don't know that I can add much more - I think the snack idea is great and I really...
  6. Not really any advice but wanted you to know your not alone. I'm 24 and I told my doctor exactly what you said.....
  7. JustLovely9216

    Rice Krispies

    I tried using some of the organic brands and didn't like them - not crispy enough. So I tried corn chex (dont know why...
  8. JustLovely9216

    Panera Bread Gluten-free List

    I read it has tortilla strips...I was wondering if they were corn or not?!?!
  9. JustLovely9216

    Olive Garden

    That is 100% correct. I went today for the first time since going without gluten and ordered that. I found it to be terrible...
  10. JustLovely9216

    A Day In The Life...

    Agreed. But I didn't know that a few weeks ago All I knew was gluten seemed to be everywhere and I would never eat pizza...
  11. JustLovely9216

    How Does Anyone

    Lol! Happy to! At Wendy's I get a baked potato and top it with a small order of the chilli. I also ALWAYS get a frosty...
  12. JustLovely9216

    Benefits Of Living Gluten-Free

    I am just thrilled that all of my quirky, annoying, little things I couldn't figure out before all make sense. The hair...
  13. JustLovely9216

    A Day In The Life...

    When I first found out I had Celiac I kept wishing I could just peak into someone else
  14. JustLovely9216

    How Does Anyone

    I think you may just be overwhelmed and that your making things worse in your mind then they are in reality. I only say...
  15. JustLovely9216

    Glutened At IHOP

    I had a great experience at the IHOP in Centreville, VA. I called the day before to talk to the manager who said he would...