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  1. Wheat Wacker

    San Diego Celiacs?

    Thanks for the reply and advice, there are a few groups in SD But they meet infrequently and I have not been able to...
  2. Wheat Wacker

    San Diego Celiacs?

    Hi, I was diagnosed last march, I figured out how to eat gluten free, only eat food I prepare and know my food, no guessing...
  3. Wheat Wacker

    My Celiac Id?

    I have tried to cut dairy out for prolonged periods but I really see no differences. I almost feel like I should start...
  4. Wheat Wacker

    Wheat Grass, Barely Grass? Ya Or Nay?

    Thanks for the advice, for now it's staying off the grass for me as well until I get this thing sorted out. I face a...
  5. It would be really benficial to me to be able to consume some of these super food powders, usally labeled super greens...
  6. Has anyone tried this My CELIAC ID ad thats on this site?? It seems logical and is alot cheaper then an endoscopy matched...
  7. Wheat Wacker

    Is It Possible To Wash Gluten Off Nuts?

    Thank you all for the advice. The issue with the nuts is that I have know Idea where they come from? But it's pretty...
  8. I posted a few months back, I have a unique Situation. I'm a Tug Boat Captain working in Egypt, and I travel frequently...
  9. Wheat Wacker

    Trapped In Gluten Prison

    I, have been trying to get pots and pans for a month but appreantly my health is not that important to this comapany...
  10. Wheat Wacker

    Trapped In Gluten Prison

    Thank you all for the repley's its been helpful. Yes they eat alot of beans, and rice, I actualoly got my hands on some...
  11. I'm new. diagnosed in April. I though It would be easy to avoid gluten foods, you know? no breads, cerals, beer, etc...