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  1. It would be really benficial to me to be able to consume some of these super food powders, usally labeled super greens or such. There packed with healthy ingedients, including wheat grass and barley grass sometimes. The one I saw was also labeled gluten free? Can We eat Wheat Grass or Barley Grass if it's gluten free, or should we stay of the Grass? Thanks
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    San Diego Celiacs?

    Hi, I was diagnosed last march, I figured out how to eat gluten free, only eat food I prepare and know my food, no guessing. That theory has seemed to work so far, I was captaining a tug boat in Egypt and traveling so it was really my only option. Thank god I'm not still in Egypt now... but since coming back to San Diego it's been really hard to deal with fitting back in to the western world as a Celiac. I don't know anyone or have even talked to anyone with the disease before. I have been trying to find support groups or meetings where I can meet other celiacs to learn from them, but hav'nt found any yet. I'm 29, grew up in SD, been living overseas and traveling for years, don't really know to many people in SD these days, would love to meet some fellow Celiacs. Feel free to contact me, Thanks Dylan
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    San Diego Celiacs?

    Thanks for the reply and advice, there are a few groups in SD But they meet infrequently and I have not been able to go to any meetings. I actually drove up to Del Mar to go to a gluten free life style seminar at a store called JIMBOS, I was going to be late so I called them to make sure I could sneak in, they told me no problem and to come. When I got there an employee rudly told me I could not go into the seminar becuase it would be disrubtive. I will never be shopping there and have bitter feelings about it. It's very wierd to have never meet another Celiac, it will happen eventually, I'll keep trying. I always run into people that have family or freinds that are Celiac? Close but never a real live one... It's such a inconsistent disease I feel like even the doctors don't really know how it is, I think there is alot we can learn from each other.
  4. Has anyone tried this My CELIAC ID ad thats on this site?? It seems logical and is alot cheaper then an endoscopy matched with blood tests. At least a stepping stone to those tests? I was diagnosed by both blood tests and endoscopy in March, sure it took me a few months to really figure out what gluten free was but I have been a super strict for the last three or more months, have not eaten anything I have not prepared my self and know is gluten free, yet I still suffer abdominal pain and bloating. I think I might take the Gene test as this will confrim weather I could have been mis Diagnosed? And idea's or advice, Cheers
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    My Celiac Id?

    I have tried to cut dairy out for prolonged periods but I really see no differences. I almost feel like I should start eating wheat again to see if I get sicker or something? The gluten free diet doesn't seems to work this far, I'm going to go back to the doctors again. The doctor that Diagnosed my was un convincing, about to go on vacation, and told me after my endoscopy that if he didn't see my blood tests he wouldn't think that I had Celiac. but after the lab reports came back from the endoscopy he said I had celiac, almost feel like maybe it was just the easy diagnoses? Thanks for the advice
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    Wheat Grass, Barely Grass? Ya Or Nay?

    Thanks for the advice, for now it's staying off the grass for me as well until I get this thing sorted out. I face a unique challange as I work overseas in a very remote Isolated environment. When I have time off and I'm travelling I try to find and bring back any food health items I can. I no there are a lot of wheat grass free super food products out there, I just did'nt see any at the stores I stopped by. I will keep a better eye out. Thanks Again
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    Is It Possible To Wash Gluten Off Nuts?

    Thank you all for the advice. The issue with the nuts is that I have know Idea where they come from? But it's pretty common here to see shops that sell a variety of different Items in bulk. The pistachios and Cashews come salted, the mixed nuts come plan. I just worry that there are to many unknowns and chances for them to get contaminated. I figured if the scoop used to package them contaminated them maybe a quick rinse would ride them of any excess product. I guess it would almost be a precaution as they may be gluten free? I just don't know. That's the hardest thing about this whole deal, you never know for sure. I just need a laser that you shine on food and it tells you if it's safe or not? or better yet a laser that you shine on food that transforms gluten. Until then it's back to do with out, do with out, do with out. sick of that and hard boiled eggs. I was eating Quinoa, I love it but it's not available here, I brought some with me. I didn't know it needed to be washed and wondered about the foam that formed when I cooked it. Maybe that's been contributing to my symptoms? not sure? I will wash it as was suggested. Thanks Dylan
  8. I posted a few months back, I have a unique Situation. I'm a Tug Boat Captain working in Egypt, and I travel frequently, don't really have a home. Obviously I face a pretty complex situation. thanks to some ideas from earlier post I have a pretty good system on board now. Basically I have all my own cooking equipment and do 100% of my own cooking. Thought I have taken every precaution I can think of and I'm fairly certain that I eat 100% gluten free, I still have symptoms. Was Diagnosed in Mar-10 and it's taken a while to really become aware of how vast the enemy really is. I have narrowed down what I eat to two categories Raw, Fruits, vegetables, and meats that are washed and shouldn't contain gluten in any way shape or form. And packaged goods stating there gluten free or Brands I have researched and should be gluten free. Pretty basic. Here's my questions? 1.If Gluten eaters heat bread in the microwave, then I heat my dinner in a plastic tupperware in the same microwave, is there some way cross contamination is happening through the air? I usually leave a corner cracked on the tupperware to allow it to vent? 2. It's hard to get anything I want to eat here, but it is possible to get bulk nuts through our food supplier? The problem is I'm worried about cross contamination? From the bag they come in or the scoop used to package them or the oven they where roosted in. Is it possible I can rinse the nuts thoroughly with water then allow them to dry to rinse any trace/chance of gluten off of then? IS this safe would it work. They Get Pistachios' Cashews, and mixed almonds, walnuts, misc nuts. It would be a huge addition to my diet to have these food assessable? Thanks for any advice, you all have been really help full so far. Dylan
  9. I'm new. diagnosed in April. I though It would be easy to avoid gluten foods, you know? no breads, cerals, beer, etc. I never realized the disease was this complex. It seems managable for someone who lives in a built up city can cook in the safty of there own homes and shop at modern western shops. I however face a diffrent battle. I'm a Tug Boat Captain, in Egypt. I'm form California, but work for an international supply boat company. I work with an 8 man Egytian crew, there nice guys but there stable is bread, battered fried anything, and baked sweets. we have a cook who I have been trying to communicate my needs with, but I'am still figuring out what I need. After reading about Cross contamination it seems that my battle is hopeless. I work in a remote part of Egypt in the middle of the dessert and join the Vessel for two months at a time then take a month off. There is know way to go to the store, and I can only get limited things from the ships supplier, I'm still working on that. I'am basically trapped in a prsion like compound surounded by gluten. Being the captain is good becuase I have the power to simpley through everything off the boat and any person that challenges that discion. But I Feel that's the extreme last option. Does any one have any advise on my situation? Things I have been eating- fruit, vegtable, penut butter, snikers bars, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, edam cheese. I'm afraid to eat anything cooked becuase the pans are old scoured and I assume gluten infested. Is it possible to de-glutenize pots and pans... how? Thanks
  10. Wheat Wacker

    Trapped In Gluten Prison

    I, have been trying to get pots and pans for a month but appreantly my health is not that important to this comapany. I was diagonsed with Celiac right before I left and unforutntly, I have to travel Internationaly to work, due to weight restrictions I can't bring much back. I did have the foresight to run by a health foods store and buy a bunch of gluten free bars and stuff, which I already ate. I also bought Some powdered super friuts and greens mixes and protien shake mixs, all gluten free of course, so I had some sort of nutrients to fall back on. I was hopeing to have things sorted by now, but It just keeps getting more complicated the more I research. My next step is to make standing orders for my Cook in regards to the galley. So far it reads: The Capt. Has a Disease that will cuase him to become ill if he eats even tiny amounts of bread flour pasta. The following are his orders: 1. Keep seprate plates, bowls, silverware, pots and pans for the Capt. 2. Wash these plates, Bowls, Silverware, pots and pans, with a seprate clean sponge and soap/bleach 3. When preparing Captains food there will be no flour or bread in the cooking area. 4. Do not touch or handle flour or bread when preparing the capt. food 5. Use a separate clean cutting board an knife when preparing ingredients, no flour, no bread crumbs. If these orders are not followed all bread, flour and pasta will be removed form the vessel. So that should be a good start, please any comments, or If I left anything out???? \Of course I will have to get this translated into Arabic so he can read it. Thanks
  11. Wheat Wacker

    Trapped In Gluten Prison

    Thank you all for the repley's its been helpful. Yes they eat alot of beans, and rice, I actualoly got my hands on some brown rice, which is crazy. I ate really healthy before I got sick, the only gluten I really ate was from occational bread or pasta but mainly from muisli/granola that I would eat daily. I have always eaten alot of friuts and vegtables, I'am just worried about the cross contamination thing, if there's bread crumbs on the counter/cutting board, knife, could that make me sick. I'am not sure how senestive I'am yet since I'am newly diaganosed. I'm and Ex fisher man, so naturally there is a constant supply of freash fish on the boat, but the Egyptians insist on battering it which I never eat anyway. I have just been worried about the pots and pans and cross contamination,even if it's boiled or baked. Hummus is my favorite, I have worked with 4 or five 5 diffirent cooks, here some of them very good, yet when I ask about hummus everbody looks at me funny? know body know hoew to make it. They do make a tahina galic sauce simlar to hummus with no chickpeas, it's good and I think gluten free unless the CC again. Again thanks for the advice, I wasn't sure if Gluten could survive a soap wash or not, that make me feel better, like I said I'am working on Implementing a system for my food and trying to get more stand by gluten free foods. Thanks again