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  1. This might not be your issue, but there are several gluten-free foods that cause me stomach pain: dairy, soy, corn and rice. Nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers) cause me severe joint pain, but not stomach pain. Celiac disease does bizarre things to your intestines -- it could be that, even without GI symptoms, its caused you to have an intolerance to another food. Also, are you sure you have all gluten out of your diet, bath products, significant other's diet, etc? As you eat gluten-free, you might become more sensitive to even small amounts of gluten. Hope you can feel better
  2. Steve-- your potatoes and beef comment struck a chord. I have a similar thought about a very emotional time in my life sensitizing me to certain foods. Have you ever looked into NAET or any acupuncture- based allergy treatment program? Some integrative medicine MDs that I trust recommend NAET and from what I've read it helps "clear" the physical and emotional energies contributing to food sensitivities. I don't know if it's nuts or if it works (or both!) but the concept intrigued me. I think I might actually post a topic here to see if anyone's tried it. I don't think NAET claims to cure glu
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