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Just recently self-diagnosed my gluten intolerance. My main symptoms were chronic urticaria and GI issues. I also suffer from canker sores, lactose intolerance, keratosis pilaris, eczema, anxiety, tooth enamel defects, GERD, irregular periods, etc. I've been off gluten only a short time now, but my hives were gone after two weeks, my tummy is now feeling much better and my skin is smoother! :D

  1. I have had irregular periods for about 2 years now. It started with spotting in between periods that turned into having a period every other week. Now sometimes I get really long periods (10-14 days). I had a hysteroscopy and D&C to look for fibroids and polyps, but nothing was found. I have switched birth control pills several times and still have not found a solution. I am in the process of getting tested for celiac, as I have many other problems that could be related. I have had my hormone levels checked and everything was normal. There is a family history of endometriosis, but t
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