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  1. Also, I'm 22 so I'm not necessarily in the demographic most prone to strokes, although, the possibility always exists.
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied! I'll probably get a hold of my doctor and see what she thinks about it. Do you see a primary care physician or to you have a specialist who knows about celiac/gluten related stuff? I had a naturopath diagnose me about the gluten (changed my life) but registered negative on the celiac test (what a surprise)so I'm not sure that my family's primary care physician would take me seriously. @sickchick: I've been off gluten for about 9 months so it sounds similar to you.
  3. Today at work, I was walking down the hallway and suddenly realized I had no idea where I was. This lasted a couple minutes. I just felt like a lost little kid and it took me a bit to figure out where I was at, even though this place was familiar to me. I got severely glutened for the first time this past week and had my first bout of vertigo a couple days before (while driving). Has anyone heard of such bad disorientation as a result of glutening? Is this something worth seeing a physician about?
  4. Hi there, Just wanted to 2nd(or 13th or however many people said the same thing) the OP and add my own experiences. I'm 23 and have been gluten-free for 9 months. All through childhood, I was serious and quiet, didn't laugh much, and had a LOT of anxiety. Once high school came around a become depressed, was borderline anorexic, insomniac, tired all the time, and my anxiety localized to being social and fear of failure. I graduated near the top of my high school class and was fairly successful in college, minus a bout of self-mutilation, but by my second year the brain fog became so overwhelming that I could barely function. My mind was always in bed but once I got there at night I couldn't sleep. My mom's excuse was that 'the blues' were normal for my age. I eventually had to take a quarter off due to the severity of my mental and physical state. After seeing several doctors, then a naturopath, I was diagnosed with gluten, dairy and egg intolerances. The biggest factor that prevented me from seeking help were my parents' dismissal of my symptoms. Even now, when they see the positive changes in my mood and general level of happiness, and I tell them how grateful I am to have solved it, my mom will discount the intolerance by telling me I'm probably just developing as a person. Both parents are very on-board with finding things that I can eat but I feel that they dismiss the severity of the disease or they just think my mental state was/is part of who I am rather than a result of the disease. Do others have issues with family reactions to your changed mental state? How do you deal with those that dismiss what you're feeling?
  5. If you're Catholic, a priest should be able to get you rice wafers with their own pix to prevent CC. Still wouldn't recommend drinking the wine.
  6. Have you ever tried applying plain yogurt? It seeds your body with l. acidophilus and other lactobacilli. These bacteria occur naturally in your body and they help to outcompete the yeast. Heard about this in my microbiology class (I'm a cellular biologist) and tried it and it's worked fabulously for me. Make sure to choose yogurt that's not had sugar added to it or you'll end up just feeding the yeast. I will sometimes apply it to myself and just wear a pad or you can dip a tampon in the yogurt and wear it for a couple hours.
  7. Hey all, I'm troubleshooting tapioca pudding that I make that I thought was gluten-free but not sure. I'm reacting to something I'm eating and just doing a process of elimination. The ingredients are as such: Kraft Minute Tapioca Kirkland brand Soymilk (known gluten-free) White refined suger (potential new allergen?) Vanilla I've heard the distillation process eliminates most contaminants for the vanilla but what about the coloring? Also, would really like to NOT be reacting to sugar. I love me some sweets. Thanks! Samantha
  8. So I've trolled the forums awhile and it's been incredibly useful so this is my first venture out into participating. I've been gluten-free since November. Also, egg free and dairy...conscious. Something's been affecting me lately and I've been trying to weed it out. One symptom I haven't seen mention of is that I feel like I forgot to breathe and all of a sudden I'll remember. Then I feel like I need to breathe deeply or often. It sometimes lasts a few hours or so. I've been known to have very low blood pressure and would pass out on occasion when I was in high school. I'm 22 now. Has anybody had this happen and is there anything that alleviates it?
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