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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Dandruff Shampoo For Scalp

    B100 is a mix of all of the b vitamins. The "100" refers to the amount (milligrams or micrograms depending on the vitamin) of each of the components. http://www.livestrong.com/article/401283-benefits-of-vitamin-b100-complex/
  2. Dandruff Shampoo For Scalp

    Seborrheic dermatitis??? Mine was greatly reduced last year(~90% better) after 20 years. My best guess is that the improvement lines up with taking a B100 complex daily. I had seen some improvement using medicated shampoos or rinsing my scalp with salt water. I apologize if we are talking about two different conditions.
  3. My heart rate is normally 62 beats per minute, but drops to 40/42 beats per minute (I think) as a symptom of a reaction. Has anyone experienced a significantly lowered heart rate as a symptom?
  4. I have no help on the ingredients you are looking for. However, I would say that it is best to avoid companies that are not open with potential allergens. The liberal use of soy milk and the lack of allergen information (for their drinks) online keeps me out of Starbucks. Their main Canadian competitor is much more open about potential allergens, and they get my business.
  5. Need Dectective Help

    I would say you are on the right track here. Tracking meals or snacks from the night before may show something. When I initially went soy free, I was just avoiding the things that would give me an (near) immediate reaction (soy sauce, protein, etc.). I felt much better, but I was having delayed (minor) reactions on the way to work in the AM. Since eliminating all other sources of soy (and correcting a couple of other intolerances), the morning issues went away. Best of luck.
  6. Upper Gi/ribcage Pain

    If it is nerve damage from malabsorbtion, it will resolve itself with supplementation as long as the damage isn't too extensive. Ravenwoodglass mentions the numbness / tingling in the extremeties that comes with low B12. This is true and typical, however, I can tell you from personal experience that the nerve damage caused by malabsorbtion is not limited to the hands and feet. I had low B12 which caused nerve damage that extended from my lower back and wrapped around to my lower right rib cage. After supplementing with B12, the pain lessened significantly. I still have some very mild (not noticeable unless I press on the right area) pain in the same location almost two years later. However, please note that I let my pain go on for way too long (3 years +). To add to the point that nerve damage is not limited to the extremeties, I also have residual nerve damage in the neck at the base of my skull. Best of luck.
  7. Upper Gi/ribcage Pain

    I take it from your high B12 and folate that you are supplementing. Is this correct? If so, I assume you were low at one point. If you were, could this possibly be nerve damage from low B12 and / or folate?
  8. Interesting. I had a similar experience. I had multiple signs (visible to my doctor) of inflammation, yet my numbers were "the best #s I have ever seen" according to my Dr. She was perplexed, but did not investigate further.
  9. Ice on the lower back helped with the pain for me (sciatica and general mid / lower back pain). Once I was able to, I started to slowly ramp up an excercise / stretching program. In January, I will be 2 years back-pain free. Good luck.
  10. Please Help Me Kill My Acid Reflux

    Were mono / diglycerides in the ingredient list of your ice cream?
  11. Please Help Me Kill My Acid Reflux

    I did not state that MSG always contains soy. However, MSG could possibly be a source of soy. As a celiac, you know well enough that "usually manufactured" just isn't good enough. Source (Health canada Website)... http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/securit/allerg/fa-aa/allergen_soy-soja-eng.php Possible sources of soy Note: Avoid all food and products that contain soy in the ingredient list, e.g., soy cheese. Baby formulas Baked goods and baking mixes, e.g., breads, cookies, cake mixes, doughnuts, pancakes Bean sprouts Beverage mixes, e.g., hot chocolate, lemonade Bread crumbs, cereals, crackers Breaded foods, chili, pastas, stews, taco filling, tamales Canned tuna/minced hams Chewing gum Cooking spray, margarine, vegetable shortening, vegetable oil Diet drinks, imitation milk Dressings, gravies, marinades Frozen desserts Hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP), hydrolyzed soy protein (HSP), hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) Lecithin Monosodium glutamate (MSG) (may contain hydrolyzed protein)
  12. Please Help Me Kill My Acid Reflux

    You mentioned that you ate ice cream about a month ago. Which brand / flavor was it? In your signature you mention that you are attempting to avoid MSG. If you were completely soy-free, MSG consumption would not be an option.
  13. Please Help Me Kill My Acid Reflux

    Strawberry, I think eliminating nuts is wise. Could you post your "banned ingredients" list for soya? I see a couple of items in your post that seem to indicate that your list of soya-containing ingredients is not complete. Getting your hernia fixed sounds like a great idea as well.
  14. Post a couple of days of what you have eaten if you can (today and yesterday), and please provide more details on your excercise (how far are you swimming, running, walking, etc.). Perhaps someone can help explain. What is your belly measurement when not bloated? Immodium chewables lessen the bloating for me. Celiac + a 1400 calorie diet + excercise sounds like a disaster waiting to happen...but I'm not a dietician / nutitionist. Not enough food to nourish your body for the activities that you are doing.
  15. Sarcasm About Celiac

    Nice story!