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  1. Could you give me some advice please?. There is a great tasting beer (tasted well prior...
  2. For other gluten intolerant folks (like me!) you may be interested in learning about a...
  3. Wow. thanks for the very quick reply!! Info very much appreciated.
  4. Anyone know if the product "Hunts Bold Barbeque Sauce" is gluten free? Ingredients simply...
  5. That is good to know. I have contacted Fundacion De Celiacos to see if hey happen to have...
  6. Dear LivesIntheSun I am sure you might be re-thinking your returning to England - what...
  7. Hello. I moved from the USA (where all products are now labelled to show allergens)...
  8. has not set their status

  9. Diagnosed Celiac Disease along with some bone loss/osteoporosis some 5 years ago. Symptoms included reflux, bloating & loss of sleep. A very strict adherence to gluten free diet did the trick! I now live in Costa Rica where (fortunately) maize flour is usually utilized in favor of flour.

  10. I live in the Central Valley (Grecia) here in Costa Rica and wonder if there are any support...
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