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  1. Thanks. I ended up throwing the meal in the compost pile just in case. I've been burned too many times by products that are supposed to be gluten-free but have ended up making me sick.
  2. I have searched the Forum for past posts on Thai Kitchen products, but haven't been able to find a post that specifically addresses my question. I have a Spicy Thai Basic Rice Noodle Cart that is labeled gluten free. However, just as I was about to take a bite I checked the ingredient list and noticed that soy sauce was listed. Does anyone know if they use gluten-free soy sauce? Their allergen information does not mention this particular product, so my guess is that they no longer make it -- the expiration date is tomorrow. I did e-mail them, but it's after hours. I'm bummed -- the meal is cooked and ready to go but I'm scared to eat it. I ate yesterday's leftovers for lunch so if I can't eat this my dinner will be a half-eaten apple and popcorn!
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