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  1. I received this from Columbia Crest, because, although it never makes me sick and I am very careful with my diet, I have had some skin and neurological symptoms that have made me wonder about Columbia Crest. I had believed that California wine was mostly safe. And maybe it is, but those casks are sealed with flour, more often than not, from my research. Anyway, the email: Re: gluten in your wines? From: "info@columbia-crest.com" <info@columbia-crest.com> View Contact To: Lorraine F (edited for privacy) Thank you for contacting Columbia Crest. In answer to your questions: 1) Yes, the Cabernet is aged in oak casks. 2) While our wines are not produced using gluten as a fining agent, it is common practice for barrel makers to seal the barrel heads (the top and bottom of a barrel) with a wheat paste. The paste is applied to the barrel in an area that doesn't directly contact the wine, and all barrels are washed inside and out by the barrel maker and by the Columbia Crest team prior to use 3) There are no additives or flavors added to the wines. Hope this helps! Mary Kae Columbia Crest Concierge -----Lorraine F (edited for privacy) ----- To: info@columbia-crest.com From: Lorraine F (edited for privacy) Date: 01/08/2011 12:43PM Subject: gluten in your wines? Three questions regarding Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvingnon: 1. Is it aged in wooden casks? 2. If so, are the casks sealed with flour and water? 3. What additives and flavors, if any do you add to the wines?
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